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  1. Boarder check this: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=1685774#post1685774
  2. Can somebody confirm if server util works with 1.2.3 patch? Regarding frequencies unable to change, could we get some info from developer - Could you please fix the app so we can change freqs? Boarder, what do you say?
  3. hreich

    NVG Mod

    After reading lot of stuff on this forum, i am mostly lost..Can somebody point me to files i need to use to have centered NVG for black shark and A-10c, when i am using 2 monitor setup.. 1 st (left monitor is 1920*1080) and this one is used for main game window, and the second one is positioned right (also 1920*1080), and this one i am using for exporting mfds and shkval and stuff.
  4. I would like to add to my TM Warthog profile option to use pinky switch on throttle to switch all external nav/anti collision/strobe/rotor tips light to on just by using PSF switch. Does anybody have any solution for that
  5. Thanks Yurgon,..now i finally now how to program my Ka-50 profile to better support external ligt switches...
  6. Check that you dont have debug mode enabled in icontrol dcs server util
  7. I am using TM Warthog + G940... You need to have installed G940 drivers, and after that you can unplug AC power from G940, and in devices options in windows you can disable G940 stick and throttle HID drivers, and you need to leave pedals HID drivers enabled. Of course, G940 has to be plugged in USB port. That way you only need to setup your G940 pedals if needed, and dont have to fiddle with stick and throttle.
  8. I have something...Look here http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=96811
  9. Last time i had that problem reinstalling win7 helped.. Couldnt find any other solution... Now i Have my LED TV connected to my PC via graphics card HDMI connector.
  10. In answer to doom Sometimes i get the same error...Did you try other servres? Or the problem is only with 104th MP server? In DCS folder inside windows start menu, there is DCS repair or restore icon, start it to restore original files..After that your iControl wont work, so you need to update dcs scripts again in iControlDCS server program. After that, try the multiplayer it should work.
  11. Ok you need to edit monitor.lua file inside DCS world, or BS2 so iT displays combined resolution of your two monitor setup-3840 x 1080 (that is what i use 2 monitors with resolution of 1920x1080). On your ipad you need to have installed touch control app with autohotkeys addon. Then you need to install touch control server app on your pc, run it and import my profile in it. Then start screen grabber and set it as these coords: 1921 - this is x coord 0 - this is y coord 1120 - width 400 - height Hope this helps
  12. Check and double check - you have to disable debug mode inside ictrlDCS software on your pc
  13. Here is profile that i created, since i didn't managed to find the one that i could use http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=96811
  14. Sorry it's not exe file...You need to go to windows/start menu/programs find your DCS World folder ant there shuold be icon for restoring settings. Mind that after that, your modified lua or script files are restored to original settings.
  15. Somethimes i can fix "Connection Interrupted" message, by going to DCS world folder, an runing exe file called - restore settings or something like that..
  16. I see nobody mentioned about not been able to see your server in server list. I had this problem for 3 times in a row (mission 1, 2 and 3). I manged to get in after pressing "new search" button like a maniac 40-50 times. Suddenly the server would appear in server list and i managed to connect. My online squad commander ARIES also reported on this issue.
  17. Ok...here my little experience from last night...After initially not been able too see server at all on server list, i managed to connect. Had great time with couple of lads on RED side Ka-50 flight. Team work was excellent, ant the guys knew what was what and where to point missiles at..There was a great FPS loss on my side when we found artillery units on the open and I almost wasn't able to launc anything at them, but after first 7-8 kills form my flight, i finally managed to squeeze couple of missiles on vulcan vehicles.. I had a great time, keep the campaign rocking
  18. Help with your post needed Hi...can you tell me is there a file package that we can use to have the same file used for exporting mfds from f-15 and su-27 (beside ka-50 and dcs a-10C) ?
  19. Great mission last night...After not seeing server at all at the beginning, and after some 30 clicks on "new search" button, i finally saw your server on server list in DCS..I dont know why I have this problem...A mate from my squad had also the same problem, but he didn't managed to connect last night...Using correct IP adress and correct password also didn't help. We got "connection interrupted" message...
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