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  1. Once i used https://www.touchapptech.com/download but there is lack of DCS user profiles available... Please post links if you have them
  2. Can you please share fixed H-4 takedown mission so i can try it?

  3. I just updated to latest open beta- now my dcs crashes when starting fixed H-4 mission
  4. Can somebody share files that fixes and move petrovich sight and 9k113 - so all are visible on my main monitor in side by side 2 monitor configuration with standard resolution 1920*1080 for each monitor? I just tried to edit files, now i cant launch mi-24 - it crashes upon netering misisons..Where do you enter (-.95 , 0) Is it here like this? crosshair.init_pos = {-0.9 * aspect, 0} ------ add this line to define the position of the crosshair ?
  5. Can you plese post a screenshot with your monitor setup?
  6. Please fix this...now i have problem that DCS starts minimized, and i can't maximize - i see icon in taskbar, hear the music from DCS but cant maximize it..I have to to the end task thing and restart it
  7. I fixed mission by editing it and moving position of wingman..Now you can take off without exploding Mi-24P_SYR_IA Peer Attack.miz
  8. How can i move PetrovichAI window to my left screen, now it sits ine the middle between my 2 monitor setup
  9. What is the status of Jester-ovich functionality - ie locking gnd targets for pilot - basically stuff that Petrovich AI is going to do for Mi-24P ?
  10. I am on latest DCS open beta 2.7 - maybe the problem is there is not percentage shown after air intercept mission?
  11. Ok, but why there are no percentages shown in debrief?
  12. Please add different color for red circles marking target for next mission
  13. Please add different colour for marking targets - other than red
  14. After air intercept mission, i get debrief with two red cirlces marked on map..Also no percentage in debrief about campaign progres...I am on the latest open beta patch...
  15. Ok - i just finished my interecption mission (i am at around 9th mission) and i got debrief window...There are no percentages, and i got two circles for my next target...Which i have to attack and why there are to red cirlces on the map? And also to developer - can you mark the red circles with other more visible colour?
  16. The Croatian government has decided to buy 12 used French F3R Rafale fighter jets...
  17. I just finished that intercept mission and i got a new code ECEGJB - should i use that new one innstead for a new mission?
  18. I just finished, it tried to get on my six, then after a short dogfight it disengages and rtb...I finally got a pass on that mission, and a new code which is different than before...last one was ECEFJR and now i got ECEGJB....
  19. Although briefing states that i have to intercept mig-29, when i take off i only find one su-30 unarmed which turns tails and run...Is that a bug?
  20. On my 8th mission i got mission to intercept enemy aircraft...After entering cockpit ingame, i need to input code ECEFJR but alhtough i see option for 6 fields in F10 menus, game accepts only five letters - ECEFJ -- although i enter sixth letter "R" when checking code i get ECEFJ...Can you please chek that? Is it a bug?
  21. Z0mb13 - sry, but where do you see precentage numbers - in which window?
  22. Maybe it also depends on plane you fly...When i fly F/A-18 it works...When i fly T-45 mod, it doesn't work at all..
  23. I was 50-ish miles from carrier when i called inbound...
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