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  1. I cant finish this mission succesfully- i changed my armor platoons to invincible, and waited till they enter H-4 airbase, and we together destroyed all but couple of APC-s on the base...But trigger for ending mission succesfully never showed..What am i missed?
  2. Ah those ruskies.. Hope they fix that in new checkmate stealth plane... Sent from my M2003J15SC using Tapatalk
  3. I know how to turn rwr off, but how to change volume? Sent from my M2003J15SC using Tapatalk
  4. Same problem for me.. After 4 missiles i have to change weapon selector to something other , than back to missiles after that petrovich can fire other 4 Sent from my M2003J15SC using Tapatalk
  5. What is the status of integration with Mi-24P radios?
  6. I cured all my simptoms by clean/repair option
  7. @deamonesque - Can you share .bat file (and do you use 2 screen setup side by side)?
  8. I am trying to fly Mi-24p and use Vaicom but i have a mixed results...Although i selecte easy radio comm off in DCS, when i lanch VAICOM it says these are my settings - it should have been off
  9. Sorry - just an update - after clean/repair and after incrieaseeing virtual memory to 16 GB crash is resolved, don't know which one fixed it for me..
  10. Ok..please, so this is normal message when i use cannon, and direct petrovich to lock target?
  11. What am I missing, how to open shutters to use 30mm cannon ?
  12. I have a 32 gb,m amd 5 3600x, 2060 super nvidia rtx card...Almost every time i launch one of syria + mi-24 instant action missions, i manage to enter the cockpit and DCS just exits...No log, no message nothing...Please help me to locate the problem...I even reinstalled DCS world open beta so no mod is installed...Only extras i use are Voice Attack VAICOM, TacView.. I tried couple of missions in DCS stable, they are working ok I just tried again in Open beta (after clean/repair/update procedure) to start H-4 Syria takedown mission in latest OB and after entering cockpit my game crashed.(exited without crash log)..
  13. If somebody knows where can i find profiles for this utility - https://www.touchapptech.com/..I have Ka-50 profile like this but i need somethong for dcs mi-24
  14. I would like to report this problem on 2 screen monitor setup - side by side - window with autopilot channel doesn't display on main monitor.
  15. This code is in original file - somebody was angry? "goddamn viewports stuff" ?
  16. Mission H-4 shutrdown, free flight in caucaus...It just starts to load mission and then exits DCS without mewssage or crash...Win logs are here: New Text Document.txt DCS logs are attached dcs.20210701-064354.crash dcs.20210701-064354.dmp dcs.log.old dcs.20210701-063550.crash dcs.20210701-063550.dmp dcs.log-20210701-112145.zip dcs.log DSMC.log Scratchpad.log DSMC_old.log DiCE.log
  17. I am reporting that after latest beta update this mission still crashes my DCS...Upon 90% loading into the mission DCS just exits..
  18. Picture is a little blurry...also the window with autopilot channels is nowhere to be seen.. By checking this post i tried to move petrovich ui screen to the middle of my left 1920*1080 screen but i cant get the numbers right (For the crosshair, default {0,0} would be in the middle of the full DCS window, so if you want to shift it to the left decrease x into negatives) I tried but cant get it to the center of my screen
  19. Once i used https://www.touchapptech.com/download but there is lack of DCS user profiles available... Please post links if you have them
  20. Can you please share fixed H-4 takedown mission so i can try it?

  21. I just updated to latest open beta- now my dcs crashes when starting fixed H-4 mission
  22. Can somebody share files that fixes and move petrovich sight and 9k113 - so all are visible on my main monitor in side by side 2 monitor configuration with standard resolution 1920*1080 for each monitor? I just tried to edit files, now i cant launch mi-24 - it crashes upon netering misisons..Where do you enter (-.95 , 0) Is it here like this? crosshair.init_pos = {-0.9 * aspect, 0} ------ add this line to define the position of the crosshair ?
  23. Can you plese post a screenshot with your monitor setup?
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