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  1. Modalità serio spenta. !:argue: Aiuto!!! :gun_sniper::spam_laser: Che qualcuno li separi!!!:lol: Modalità serio accesa. Complimenti, ottima iniziativa!:cheer3nc::thumbsup::clap::clap_2:
  2. Ciao e benvenuti! A proposito, in VIAF potresti correggere i moduli usati: DCS Black Shark2 DCS A-10C DCS MiG-21bis DCS UH-1H DCS Combined Arms DCS Flaming Cliffs Il link (come anche qualche altro) è sbagliato e porta al 36° Il motto è: "Noi vi voliamo bene" grazie ed ancora auguri. Brontolo
  3. [REPORTED]Late activation not working Hi all, I've found a bug like this in a mission that worked fine before the last update: - the older trigger instructions "Group AI OFF / Gruop AI ON" no longer works (the vehicle groups don't move). - replaced with the trigger instruction "Group AI Activate" and "Late Activation" setting, it works fine again. Example missions attached Tanks Grup AI On.miz Group AI Activate.miz
  4. Hello everyone, I just saw it now! Wonderful, better than "welcome to suze"? You're sure that's possible? I know the works of Ranger 79 and I'm willing to pay for its missions knowing the excellent quality :notworthy:and amount of work that involves edit them. I and my friends (www.viaf.it) would prefer an MP with A-10C and Ka-50 slot, if it is possible.:blush: Also I believe may not necessarily be a DLC, but simply a sequence of missions without direct connection but only a logical operational sequence, so I think it may be easier to edit. Thanks Ranger79:clap_2:
  5. Scaricata, GRAZIE! Appena ho un attimo che passo alla 1.5, la provo!
  6. The problem persists with the new updates and I find difficult to solve. Technical Service of Kaspersky Antivirus asked me the url from which I receive the automatic updates released to make it reliable, but I don't know it. Anybody can help me? Thanks in advance Brontolo
  7. Questa non la conoscevo. Come si fa?
  8. Hi all, I was trying to locate a ship with any kind of JTAC, but I could not. how can I get the coorditate of a naval target? TKS Brontolo
  9. Update: after shutting off the antivirus and launched the upgrader, it is possible reactivate the antivirus without interrupting the download. So I remain unprotected for only a few seconds. Better than nothing...
  10. HI all @mibo: - right click on the KIS icon - click on "sospendi la protezione" (italian version, in english I think same like "pause protection") - download DCS upgrade - clickon "riprendi la protezione (resume protection) but I don't like... @mibo: - "brontolo" is an idea of my wife... @justin: as I said, I get HTTP error 499 only since the 2 latest upgrades, before no problems brontolo
  11. Same problem. I managed it only interrupting the antivirus (Kaspersky Internet Security 2015), but i don't like downloading when the antivirus is not working... Upgrades before penultimate ran correctly. Brontolo
  12. I confirm, the A-10 only version work well (VERY WELL!) Great job Ranger!
  13. Same problem 2 times on 7/8 runs. The two jeep park about 1 Km before the trigger zone and so the Mi-24 doesn't activate! A lot of try in mission editor don't have a resolution. I have tried to move the trigger zones (before the point of the unexpected parking), and I have observed that the two jeeps don't follow the last stretch of the road (the last WP, anywhere I put the WP), but "cut" out of road across the fields. Excluding those minor problems we consider the mission very immersive and very well builded.
  14. Same problem 2 time on 7/8 different runs of the mission!
  15. Downloaded, very helpful, many thanks again Ranger. As to any other ship, you can add a trigger "SMOKE MARKER ON UNIT" or "SIGNAL FLARE ON UNIT"... This not mean that I do not appreciate having a strobe light...
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