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  1. Allora non mi interessa: acquistando il Joy separato spenderei più che per tutto nuovo... Grazie
  2. Hi, take a look here: http://wiki.hoggit.us/view/DCS_editor_Randomization
  3. take a look here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=176715&highlight=unit+position&page=2
  4. Hi all and thanks Ciribob for this script. I have a question: is there the possibility to have a (or more) AI CSAR pilot? Tks
  5. Mi dispiace ma non so se sia possibile e nel caso, come fare, mi sono sempre accontentato delle immagini "di serie"
  6. Attiva/disattiva: R Shift + K pagina successiva: parentesi quadra chiusa pagina precedente: parentesi quadra aperta segnale sulla posiziona attuale: R CTRL + K "occhiata" (resta visibile fino a che viene premuto il tasto): K
  7. Hi, did you set two triggers? I've modified your mission (attached) and it works fine: 1 trigger for unit A in Trigger Zone 1: explosion in TZ 1 1 trigger for unit B in Trigger Zone 2: explosion in TZ 2 :smilewink: Trigger Test 2.miz
  8. Confermo, ho provato anch'io invano: è possibile solo cambiare il titolo all'interno del post
  9. Good, but it works more simply so as: 1st trigger: same 2nd trigger actions: smoke maker on unit (pilot #001, GREEN)+flag on (1) 3rd trigger: deleted :smilewink:
  10. Solved: I have forced the screen resolution 1280x768 on screen options and in DCS System Options. Thanks anyway
  11. Hi all, I've not found anything like it: after upgrade 1.5.5 I do not see the lower portion of some screens of our PC server, and I see only a very small part of some lower keys. I manage the server with TeamViewer 11. Screen resolution is 1280x720 (16/9) and same in DCS Text size 100% (smaller) in the options of Win7 Tried to change screen resolution via DCS option menu, DCS option.lua and Windows options without resolve the problem. Can anyone help me? Some good (first 2) an some wrong (last 3) screen attached. Tks very much!
  12. Tested, it works fine! I don't find this condition, you mean "GROUP ALIVE LESS THAN"? Tks
  13. brontolo

    Benvenuti !

    Welcome on board!
  14. :thumbsup: And a pilot for SAR missions
  15. Press "next plane" and back "previous plane". So cycles skins, if available.
  16. A me non ha proposto nessun aggiornamento dopo quello del 13 maggio ...
  17. Hi all, has anyone tried if AFAC/FAC works with naval units? With ground FAC we have the possibility to assign a naval group, but it don't see them anyway. Tks Brontolo
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