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  1. Hi all,
    this is the problem: a few of unit (in the same ship group) are not visible in the external view of the mission (images 2 and 4 attached), but only the red dot label is visible.
    I can see them in the mission editor and in the F10 map (images 1 and 3 attached).
    Same problem for the 2 ships static objects (but without the red dot in this case).
    File mission attached.
    Any ideas? May be relative to the depth of the sea or a bug?

    Thanks a lot






    Submarines mooring.miz




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  2. Tested at a few airbases in Caucaso: it works very well, thank you very much!


    Just a little add for my problem, a trigger (switched condition):
    Condition: FLAG IS TRUE (18) -- ID of the request airbase/FARP in this case Sochi-Adler
    Action: DO SCRIPT  local sochidamage = trigger.misc.getUserFlag("18")
                                      local msg = string.format("Runway damaged at %i %s", sochidamage*10, "%")
                                      trigger.action.outText(msg, 10,true)

                 FLAG OFF (18)



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  3. 1 hour ago, Bruce_D said:

    Hi @brontolo,


    yes! Teste2 is the lua file for the mission. Open the misson with winrar and you will find the teste2.lua file.


    Best regards 

    Hi Bruce, thanks,

    I did it, I've find the file but I'm a beginner, I don't know which flag (27, 29, 31, 28) becomes true if the runway is damaged (I would use it to give a message like "Good hit!")

    Thanks a lot again


  4. Salve a tutti,

    avrei bisogno di una spiegazione sul software TARGET.

    Vorrei assegnare al pulsante MIC verso l'alto (inutilizzato sull'A-10C) il tasto "<" che uso su TeamSpeak, quindi, dopo aver capito che bisogna impostare la tastiera tedesca per fargli riconoscere quel tasto, ho preparato un profilo SOLO con questa impostazione (avevo già impostato i comandi per il TrackIR dal proprio software e lo zoom dal pannello controls di DCS).

    Il risultato è che se lancio questo profilo funziona il tasto "<" ma nessun altro comando HOTAS.

    Forse l'esecuzione del mio profilo esclude quello "di serie" del Warthog?

    Devo preparare un profilo con tutti i comandi "di serie" ed aggiungere il mio tasto TS o esiste un profilo "di base" dal quale partire?

    Grazie per l'aiuto


  5. Hi Ranger.


    I'm fliing this amazing campaign, but in mission 6 I found something wrong.



    After distruction of enemy convoy coming from south, Delta Teams (reactivated ones) go to exfil 1 & 2 LZ but both Hellraiser's don't come to get them, and still wait on the ground north-west of AO.

    Message: "HELLRAISER Flight, DELTA-1, we are Oscar Mike to EXFIL locations west of the Target AO on the main road, DELTA-1 Out." is shown.

    Ranger's HMMWV are both alive and no enemy units are in Bagdati.

    Vulture 3 is hovering west of AO.

    (Tacview record seen)



    Tried more times and waited more than an hour after Delta reactivation (in time accelerated mode).


    DCS Version:

    I'm doing something wrong?

    How can I unlock this situation, please?



    EDIT: only seen now that it is already posted.

    I'm sorry for the repetition.

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