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  1. hello all guys i have decided to reinstal lockon and flamming cliffs and me old trackir 3 :) and my x45 after quite a few yrs :) i used to fly with the 504th red hammers if u can remember that squadron :) now my problem is i used to run xp, and now on windows 7 after alot of hassel and time i have sorted the sim out and trackir and finally sorted x45 out, aprt from the profile. the one i used to use was made by a guy called precog had a really good profile. after some searching i found and was able to dl it.BUT !!!!! the trouble is it is a dat file so it doesnt work with the new sst so
  2. yes please dude i fly russian aircraft su 27 mainly many thks 340th]PerBjarte by the way is precog still about do u know does anyone no
  3. hello plp there must be someone who has a precog profile 1.o2 and converted it to 1.1 i tryed but didnt work very well my fault i no cause i am stupid but i would really appreciate if someone could let me have it please please
  4. thks dude is there more usage for the pinkie switch or is that it got another question 4 you i have the precog 1.02 set up on my stick could i use that for all the other aircraft would i get away with it and then all i would have to do is make a profile for the 25T looking at the new commands in 1.1 its mainly the su25t that is different
  5. hello m8 yes i noticed that u use your pinkie switch as the shift but on your drawing i noticed there were no shift commands well i could not see any writen
  6. thks again sorted the rar file thing out, but before i go any futher it is a profile used with track ir yes
  7. many thks i downloaded it but for some reason i cant open it i think it something to do with being a rar file not sure wat to do can u help pls
  8. hello all i was hoping if anyone had a good profile for the x45 with a layout i could use or no of any where where i good get hold of one i use track ir also i fly the su27 mainly but i would like one also for the 25T and the f15 and a10 or just one profile that covers all not asking for much am i :) ;) ;) many many thks to all who post :icon_jook
  9. hello m8 is that used with track ir?
  10. thks guys so really now u have to have a different profile for different aircraft
  11. hello all i have just got my 1.1 addon cd :) and i realize that there are changes in the key commands i have got precogs profile 1.02 set up for my x45 and i am not sure how i go about altering the set up in that profile hence the reason y i down load profiles 4 my x45 :confused: so i was wondering if anyone knows if precog has done another profile or if somebody would be so kind on helping me alta the profile i have (precog 1.02) many thks
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