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  1. Our southern members are unable to connect to "master server", while our squad members in northern germany can.
  2. Mine does not work any longer, worked just once. What is wrong if I get a "DCS window not found" error message, while my DCS is running. Do I have to start this gui first and then DCS or vice versa?
  3. Disregard, I have recieved mine today (the one shipped in Feb), finally! Initial tests, indicate that it does work. Thanks for not giving up on me, "up here"!
  4. After updateing your software, I had to update your provided drivers also, as it seems. But, it doess work again.
  5. Wasn't the requirement for 32bit compatibility, which is not given any longer (AFAIK DCSW is now 64 bit only), the reason for, dropping crimean objects in favor of georgian objects (airfields, etc,)? So why not just putting those objects back in? I bet it isn't that easy though, is it?
  6. Hi Wasyl! How short can you make it, still functional with your (or any other) extenstion cable. i dont really need the extension, I am rather interested in the offset function instead.
  7. With Helios, TS3, various GFX Mods, a Ram-Chache-SSD ( 840 Evo) etc, I have seen utilizing 10 GB Ram on my System, which is almost shocking. Hence I do recommend 16GB. Do not waste money on overkill cpu, unless you are looking for "the best" and not "the best value for money".
  8. Thank you! Using your tool for my switch panel. It works.
  9. I assume you were having channel presets aktivated. I suggest you to switch back from "Preset Mode" to "Frequency Mode". Were you jumping ionto a hot A-10C? An already hot (spooled up) A-10C usually has the Radio Preset Mode activated, IIRC.
  10. Just wow !! Using this one with extrem settings an I donot notie any fps impct. Recommended ! :thumbup:
  11. This Export.Lua seems to work with latest 1.26. :thumbup: But how can I update the guges a bit more frequently? How to edit that given script for more updates?
  12. I just enjoyed this mission with latest 1.26 Version. Thank You!
  13. I use Lucid Logix's feature "Virtual VSync" and do not feel to have any issues since using it, in regards to tearing or microwarping. Could it be that this already fixes or eases the same issue that Mantle and G-Sync are trying to solve? Because I experienced "tearing" and "microwarping" before I used LucidLogix but can't remeber experiencing those issues ever since.
  14. Looking forward to trying this mod tonight during our "snow storm ILS training mission". :)
  15. Just wow! I bought the camaign years ago, but performnce isues, poor flying skills and some BlackShark update (or was it BS2?) made me not complete the campaign, back then. Now I am already at mission 11, and I must say that this campaign is brilliant and an absolute must have for every serious Shark-Rider ! I am so gratefull for the initiative and permission to convert for dcsw:bs !!
  16. Waiting for delivery for six weeks already. :cry:
  17. Is anyone using DCS Steam and some Mods? Is it working with JSGME as MOD manager? Are there any drawbacks known from migrating "standalone keys" over to steam?
  18. Hi Tetra, Thank you for this MOD. Another useful improvement to DCS !
  19. HELIOS, DCS 1.2.6 and radio channel switches Helios is making problems with channel switches on VHF and FM, since 1.2.6 on my end. Anyone else experiencing the similar issues? I am unable to change the digit dials for single increments via HELIOS. One input swipe turns digit dials for about 5 increments. UHF is working.
  20. Start TIR as admin. Check the "autostart" check box. Close TIR. Reboot. Report !
  21. Hi, Flim Don't get me wrong! I am looking forward to the oR and holding back on my planned Triple Screen Setup. I am neither a fanboy of oR nor am I oppsoed to it, but I do beleive in the concept of VR. But when I am "heading for oR" I need to understand the implication of using oR instead of monitors. And one major point obviousely is "perioherials". You just can't see them. I am sure that there will be a solution for this, but I am trying to figure out the best option for me to cope with this drawback. So, asking again more precisely, how do YOU use your mfcd osb11 for instance? Are you using a mouse in the virtual 3d cockpit? How do YOU do it currently? Also we, in the vJaBoG32, working intensively with, 9-line briefings, lots of charts, and specific briefings, etc, need to peek below the rift to manage the charts. But again, peaking below does work, as you said. So, I can imagine that handling a keyboard, mouse, charts, and a pen could work. ATM, I just have no idea how to use all other non-HOTAS-bound functions, that I do not want to remember the key-combinations on my keyboard. I do appreciate, sharing your findings and comments when experimenting with oR. Still, a transparency / see-through toggle function would be absolutely great, IMHO.
  22. How would I use my MFCDs then? Be it the Thrustmaster MFCDs or the ones from my virtual-3D-cockpit?
  23. But I won't see my touch screen, which is mounted in fromt of me, in my case right? I would need too look up an peek below the oculus rift. Is that correct? A toggable transparency-level would be such a great feature for the rift.
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