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  1. I'd love a feature to auto-compress tacview files on a given folder without havin to open the file, save it under a different file-type, and then deleting the old uncompressed file.
  2. Hi Artur! Will you be supporting two(!) radio panels at once, if someone has two units cconnected to the computer?
  3. Terve ArturDCS ! Used your new Version with new HID Drivers, just installed DCS-BIOS and made the gear lights indication work. Great programming and great documentation. Just one question? I can set each of the LEDs eather glow or not on a specific DCS-BIOS event. Can I make any LED flash at a specific rate for a specific duration? Your next beer is on me ! :thumbup: Kiitos !
  4. Hopefully, this "distant plane visiblity" issue is improved with EDGE. I would love if that pixel would "grey out" or "fade out" with growing distance, instead of dissapearing so soon @1920x1080. Any quick (semi-)official info about that? .. drifted a litte OT, sorry.
  5. Confirmed. Worked forme too. I only notice a big advantage in a2a combat: Other planes in the sky are much(!) better visible. Even from far away. I like that. Why can't we see planes without DSR as early as with DSR?! I don't really understand, techncally.
  6. I'd really love to have the mig-21! After FC-3, ka-50, a-10c, Hip, and Huey I need some hi fidelity fast mover. Thanks for providing this chance. Happy Christmas to everyone, out there!
  7. What a pitty. I donated some bucks because I already enjoy the flight panel Interface and would love to use the Saitek Radio Panel to work with DCS. So guys, come on, donate some bucks to get Arthur's DevKit. I appreciate his initiative! Some more guys with some euros could make this project start.
  8. With the Obutto R3volution Center Mount you need some third party adapter to get the stick with the correct 15 degree offset. I got mine here: http://www.simpit.co.nz/index.php/products/tm-warthog-extension
  9. Nope. I even think my multi monitor setup hinders the DSR feature to properly work. Well, obviousely MM Setups bring along non-standard aspect ratios.
  10. Are you using onboard Grafics as well with you multi monitor setup?
  11. I only can slect "OFF" in the control panel at "DSR Factors". I use GTX 760. Any ideas why it may be disabled?
  12. @nocturne: Same here when disabling via checkbox only. Try removing the lua entry as mentioned by towsim.
  13. Are you using any virtual GFX devices, virtu MVP, and/or SweetFX? I can reproduce this error as well, when starting DCS.
  14. Sorry, but how do I install tis campaign.? Dunno where to copy the files? :helpsmilie:
  15. Only renaming the "installaion dirctory" in my case "c:\a\folder\saitek switch panel reader" to "c:\a\folder\saitek switch panel reader2"made it work again. Renaming the folder back, and the exe cashes again. Any clue, why the path name causes the error? Meanwhie I am fine with the workaroud of renamig, but I dn't understand what's the problem's cause.
  16. Hi ArturDCS, Yes I have. And yes it did. I tend to think that any recent Windows Patch might be causing this. But, if so, someone else should experience the same issue. It could also have to do with a system hang, I recently experienced. So, according to your statement, I should try to reinstall .NET 4 FW? I will try that.
  17. Getting the following error when starting the app. Any idea? Problemsignatur: Problemereignisname: CLR20r3 Problemsignatur 01: prousbpanels.exe Problemsignatur 02: Problemsignatur 03: 5353f4b7 Problemsignatur 04: System.Xml Problemsignatur 05: 4.0.30319.18408 Problemsignatur 06: 52311172 Problemsignatur 07: 976 Problemsignatur 08: 27 Problemsignatur 09: System.Windows.Markup.XamlParse Betriebsystemversion: 6.1.7601. Gebietsschema-ID: 3079 Zusatzinformation 1: 0a9e Zusatzinformation 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Zusatzinformation 3: 0a9e Zusatzinformation 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
  18. Hi Herby, you may assign core affinity for java.exe to any core that is used neither from DCS nor DCS-sound-engine, and report back your results.
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