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  1. I think the PZ70 Display is not properly implemented yet. You would need to code that, as the software is open sourec iirc.
  2. I just managed to get stable 90 fps, even with Shadows and trees. However, in MP I get stuck to 45/60, with even lowest settings. Hence, limited performance is not(!) just cpu's DirectX draw call overhead, it is also related to Multiplayer per se. Even w/o players on the server, I donot get more than 45/60 fps. I tend to think it is something latency related, in a way that even a 60ms seconds Icmp ping/roundtrip affects FPS. Not just in VR, btw!! In other words: 90fps is totally possible with gtx 1080 and DCS 1.54 even with "eye candy" setttings. But no chance for 90 FPS on a MP server! Proof me wrong, if anyone can!
  3. In the rift, I personally think the side panel switches of Mirage2000 and Mig-21 feels rather small. No issue with A-10C, Huey, nor Mi-8, though.
  4. Same issue here. I use another Hotas button, though.
  5. I am selling my 23" Acer T230H Touchscreen. *sold* Topic may be deleted, by admin.
  6. Solution for me: I changed MS Windows 10 Textsize from 150% back to 125%.
  7. ... like new with foils on it. Due to warranty replacement I got myself another one in the meantime. 5days after RMA I got this obviousely new one. If I'd have expected such fast RMA I would not have bouhgt another monitor. So, want a 40 inch 4K? Send pm. Location: Austria Shipping: EU possible (only weighs apx 7 Kilo in total with stand)
  8. I did it. Got myself a Asus Strix 1080. A monstrous piece of hardware, that is. :thumbup: Card runs quite cool, because GPU Utilisation is quite low with DCS. I have about 50%-65% GPU Usage with dcsw 1.54.
  9. cv1 has no video camera. where ich s the pass through video coming from?
  10. I don't understand. Can you elaborate? What's a hardware cursor?
  11. That might improve a little with a PCI 3.0 enabling CPU. i7 2600k limits "Data interchange bandwith" to PCI 2.0 specs.
  12. 1.) Normal with OR and Vive 2.) That is no coincidence. It is an occulus rift feature called ATW (async time warp). If it cannot sustain 90 FPS it renders 45 FPS and uses one frame for two display refresh cycles. Similar to vsync technology for 2D screens.
  13. It could be a PCI 3.0 vs PCI 2.0 bandwith issue. Not CPU per se.
  14. I already use simshaker with a "jetseat". Can I use it with Jetseat and BK simultaneousely? Need to have a look into that.
  15. I already have 2 soundcards. However, Game sound goes to default device "Rift". That is okay, I just need the game sound to go to a second device at the same time. That device could then be the source for BK. But Windows cannot send game sound to two devices simultaneousely, AFAIK.
  16. I use OR CV1 and gametrix seat. Before Oculus Rift I also used Biutkicker (bass assist). However, now with OR, I am not able to use the Buttkicker Y-cable for bass signal splitting any longer. Any ideas? OR CV1 and Gametrix Seat Map is awesome, but additional BK-rumble would be cool.
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