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  1. @tekateka: Did not work. Even if I keep the Ptich and Roll Axis empty, the symptoms stay the same. When I swirl the stick around, the set zoom level stays where it should. After recentering stick, the zoom level recenters too (although the Axis 0,1 are not mapped in FC). The strange thing is that the Windows Game Device Views display correct behaviour of all Axis and buttons. Again: It must be a Problem of FC or the drivers. Maybe its the usb-drivers attached to the mainboard, although this is hard to believe due to the correct respond of inputs in Windows itself, as mentioned above.... @Force_Feedback: What Mainboard do you use? p.s.: Tried it again with my old Lomac 1.02 version, and still works flawlessly. It MUST have something to do with the FC Controller INPUT INTERPRETATION (maybe other DirectX commands etc). Maybe its the LUA -Files somehow, but it seems to be a BUG of FC, although obviousley not occuring to everyone.
  2. Mhmm, I dont have a twistable Joystick. I use the x- 45. I might try unofficial drivers, as a last resort.
  3. I have tried it, zomm view still centers automatically. May problem is not the "usual" flickering due to the unprecise potentiometers (or however these parts are called in english) , it rather seems to be a software problem, as the view jumps back to the "center (mediate) zoom level" from regardless of the poti's position. It's either a driver/software issue from Windows XP, Saitek or ED! but it must be Software related, as it worked in lomac 1.02. Although I had the "usual!" flickering there, but that did not bother me much....
  4. I too have this zoom troubles and X-45. Do you have any solution found yet? I suggest the precog Profile for lomac with your x45, btw.
  5. I do expirence the exact sam problem ! I cant zoom in or out neither with the standard keys unless I unplugg my Saitek X-45. Even If i DONT assign the zoom vie to any axis, it recenters automatically.... the view always jumps back (recenters on the zoom axis), and I cant do anything about it. Seems to be a Flaming Cliffs Bug because it even exists, when my jostick is disconnected! It worked fine on 1.02 too! But I had the sam problems with the FC Demo, but I did not care about that, that time. Now as I bought the addon it really pi...es me off, as I cant find any solution, neither here in this forum... Pls help, the game suxx withought the ability to zoom in/out while in the cockpit.
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