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  1. I used the a DCS-BIOS profile successfully over the last two years. I just use started to use SRS. However my radio panel does not seem to work with SRS using my existing DCS-BIOS A-10C profile. However when I create a new profile, a can create a new "Keyemulator-SRS" profile, but this hinders me to use DCS-BIOS functions any longer. So, how can I keep my dcs-bios-A-10C-profile and still have my Saitek Radio Panel and SRS working together? Does it work for anyone like that? In other words, why do I have to decide between either "Airframe=KEYEMULATOR_SRS" or "Airframe=A10C"?
  2. I use Oculus IPD of 67 (same as my prescription lenses) and prefer to have the DCS IPD overridden to 53. 3d Sizing seems more appropriate. The menues do not look god wit DCS IPD override.
  3. +1 Good question, how to export weather setting and import it into another mission?
  4. What‘s the colour of your crosswinds pedals? black/white or black only?
  5. I downloaded v0.60, is there a newer version around?
  6. Hi Arthur! I am starting to create a DCS Flightpanels profile for Mi-8. However, the radio panel does not seem to work. Log file provides the following message. 666 Custom message = [Via SaitekPanel.SetLastException()] System.Exception Failed to find control R863_FREQ for airframe Mi-8MT. Did you switch airframe type for the profile and have existing control(s) for the previous type saved? Die Sequenz enthält kein übereinstimmendes Element. bei DCS_BIOS.DCSBIOSControlLocator.GetControl(String controlId) bei DCS_BIOS.DCSBIOSControlLocator.GetDCSBIOSOutput(String controlId) bei NonVisuals.RadioPanelPZ69Mi8.Startup() What did I miss?
  7. I am getting crashes even when trying to uninstall Combined Arms.
  8. Superb! That would make great presents for our wives. I'd bet there is a market for such "furniture".
  9. Same issue here: DCS has stopped responding... Could you please have a look at my log? dcs.zip
  10. Anyone else still having issues with TACAN (probably relatrd to DCS-BIOS), or is it just me?!
  11. I cannot dial in any TACAN channel, nor use any control from the TACAN panel. I can not turn TACAN on at all. The only control showing any fucntion is the TEST Button on the TACAN panel. When I press the TACAN Test Button, my left generator flip switch goes to OFF. :doh: What is wrong here?!
  12. I tried yesterday, but setting ingame to 1.0 and using ODT with setting 2.0 did not show any super-sampling. It seems as if the ODT setting was ignored. I did restart ther service and Oculus runtime.
  13. Hi! Are you fellow VR users still able to tune in an Air to Air TACAN in the A10C VR cockpit? It does not work for me any longer, I cannot move any switch or dial with my mouse on the TACAN panel lately.
  14. Actually I l'd need it to fit on the Obutto r3volution center mount that has the same screw dimensions. Thank for having a look.
  15. Can the base of the Mamba be mounted on the original Warthog base plate? Do you know that?
  16. If the door gunner's tracers would just indicating the area of enemy infantry. Right now, when in flight and the gunners are shooting I have not even an idea what they are aiming for.
  17. This is a directX controller. So it is plug and play for DCS. It is originally designed to controlling camera/video Sytems and therfore perfect for controlling video systems in the the sim. It could be very handy for the camera system of various airplanes. You may also use it to control you radar systems. Certainly you could even use it for video editing or controlling your (home) surveillance system. Google "VM Desktop" for pictures.
  18. Thanks for looking into it. Actually, everything else does work fine. I'll consider your suggestion. Edit: Thanks! Reinstalling has helped.
  19. @virtuosz, Thanks, now I got a logfile with errors. Could you have aquick look into it? dcs - Kopie.zip
  20. My tacview 1.54 only creates a file with one kbyte. I dont get recordings in SP nor in MP. What is wrong?
  21. Noitced the very same issue in our squad training today. Three missile launches on three two-ships and neither leads nor wingmen got any launch detected. That way iglas are a severe threat again. Bug?
  22. Compiling the latest source code branch did wonders. Hardly any CPU load caused by the GUI any longer.
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