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  1. Check out virpil controls, they are close to releasing a collective with handles.
  2. Check out this thread: ED have said that they will release fewer patches, but each one with more content, so thats both good and bad i think.
  3. When a Gold Microsoft Partner claims they are blocking Microsoft spying, i have my doubt about them.
  4. As a day one viper buyer, i can tell you that resource allocation to the viper is borderlining on a hobby level, thats my oppinion. No doubt that eventually, in due time, at some point in time, in the future, the viper will be a superb module, they just released it a year to early, luckily it seems that they learned that and are putting those lessons to good use for future releases. That aside, i can only highly recommend youtube, yes i know that you said that you learn best from in-game, but dont expect anything from ED or partners until you literally have it. Words are words and words
  5. Hello, as the title says, in DCS Liberation, Syria map, Golan Height scenario, i cant kill anything with the aforementioned weapons: GBU-12s dont track laser (Laser is on and firing, lasercodes entered in DED), they just drop dumb, and they dont explode on impact. Mk82´s dont explode on impact. CBU-87´s opens and impact but dont do any damage. CBU-97´s open but dont get fuzed by vehicles that are clearly hot on the TGP. Mavericks and cannon is mighty effective. What am i doing wrong? Thanks
  6. Im all in for options, and as long as it does not change the way those who can AAR, should do AAR i dont care if they add the option to "easy AAR" or whatever you want to call it. But remember DCS is not just a game, its a study sim, that can require months and months or even years or "studying" and try and fails. It took me five years on how to learn to AAR in the A-10, FIVE YEARS! Ive spent countless hours musclecramping, yelling and screaming, rage quitting and time spent for ordering new keyboard and mouse (flying with HOTAS), because something had to pay for my lack of AAR ski
  7. Does the ICP work on its own and are you willing to sell it? My nabour repairs electronics for a living and have been doing so for 30 years now, so any defective components in the ICP he most likely can fix.
  8. And that means what? Free in a update or buy it separately?
  9. Do we know if its going to be free for Syria map owners or its a product in it self?
  10. Sorry for asking, but how do i install this script? Im hoping to use it with DCS Liberation, since dynamic campaigns in DCS is still just a dream.
  11. Hello all. Im missing a mission that simulates what its like to be on QRA. Im imagining a mission where you start on the ramp with engines off and just wait until/if the alarm goes. It could be intercept of unknown aircraft, escort of damaged civilian plane, delivery of emergency cargo, C(SAR), MEDIVAC etc. You could get the alarm after a few minutes, and you could sit there for hours (Yes i know not all have hours to spent just waiting). Have this type of mission been made? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
  12. You mean R-73 and AIM-9? Many weapons gain their destruction power through fragmentation instead of a boom, so the size and weight of the actual warhead is often not the deciding factor. And remember progress in the chemical composition of the warhead also increase the boom while decreasing weight and size. Comparing numbers to numbers is always a bad idea, look deeper, look at the calculation instead of the results, theres always a reason for something, nothing happens without a reason and a purpose.
  13. Thanks for the tip on the HP dump vents. Im used to seeing contrails and vortices and know about the "detached" contrails, roughly same physics as when boiling water. LOL I use a DSLR camera, (My trusty D7100) and i saw the vents between each shot also, TTL (Through the lens) = raw pure light and view instead of a screen that can change, so they are "real". Yes cons only appear when they have "cooled down" as garyscott explains.
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