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  1. I'm loving this mission so far! I have a few questions / issues that would be great if I could get an answer to. I primarily fly the Mi-8, and the frequencies you've given for ADF aren't compatible with the ARK-9 or ARK-UD radios in the Hip. Would there be a way you could get LZs to emit frequencies which are compatible with the Mi-8? The ARK-9 can work with 150-1290 KHz, and the ARK-UD can work with 6 preset VHF channels and a single UHF/AM channel (243.00). Also, I've done a couple of troop transport missions where the LZ has been hot enough that I've had
  2. Have Ugra sorted out the terrain kneeboard folder yet?
  3. Evidently you know best in this matter.
  4. Noticed an issue with the TF30's nozzle logic on AI aircraft. Essentially the WonW switch seems to be working backwards. On the ground, AI nozzles are in the constricted position at idle thrust when they should be fully open. In the air, AI nozzles appear in the full open position when they should be constricted, and seem to close when afterburner is commanded - the opposite of the correct behaviour. It's a minor issue, but nonetheless one to be aware of. Images showing incorrect nozzle positions on ground and in air attached:
  5. Reproduced above problem. Have set AI flights to start in air, still no joy, carrier flights don't spawn except player flight. Edit - Disregard - Issue was cull range set too low and excluding the carrier.
  6. Has anything been said from HB about *how* Jester will control the LANTIRN pod? Any mockup of the UI or anything? Given that we won't be able to control the pod anymore, we need some way of making sure that Jester is targeting the right thing. Will the UI bring up a list of targets or something and we select from that to tell the AI what to target?
  7. Firstly, I'm really enjoying Liberation so thank you for your hard work in making this happen - it really adds a much needed dimension to DCS. My question / request is - would it be possible somehow to define what skin aircraft should use, in a manner similar to the custom payload? Yes, I can go into the ME and manually change every skin individually, but being able to do it from the Liberation GUI would be much easier from a user standpoint I reckon. Specifically, to be able to either define a skin for each flight, or each...base, or side would be great (something like that). This comes in
  8. Thanks very much for releasing this, it looks absolutely superb!
  9. Was this ever released? I can't seem to find it on the ED Files section. The 102 jets were always some of the most stunning out there, and I'd love to fly this one!
  10. So I'm having some multiplayer issues with the 'map marker x to x' commands. In SP, they seem to work fine, I can place a map marker and tell JESTER to set it as whatever I want. In MP, it seems to not work - I place the marker, give the command, JESTER acknowledges it but does nothing. VA shows the command being recognised, no error messages etc. Everything else seems to work. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? EDIT: I have done a small experiment. If I host my own MP server and run a mission (say, a random TTI mission) AIRIO can input steerpoint data from map markers no proble
  11. Double check that you have the MSL PREP button depressed and that the missiles have had sufficient time to cool. Double check that the MASTER ARM switch is set to ON. I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs, but I've been caught out before by forgetting MSL PREP, so it's worth re-stating.
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