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  1. B/W is only like $40. Color is $230 shipped.
  2. To be honest, an F-18 would be BAD-ASS! I miss the old days of "Interceptor" and would love to see a photoreal F-18 sim. I'd buy it DAY ONE.
  3. F-16 PLEASE!!!! I am LOVING DCS:A-10 and look forward to buying P-51D as well... but we gotta step it up a little. Falcon 4 fans have been patching the old technological Falcon game for years and it's about time it's done the RIGHT way with more realism akin to A-10. Please develop THE de facto F-16 simulator once and for all so all the Falcon fans can let the past sim go... :thumbup: -M
  4. Agreed. I need the physical touch of the HOTAS to feel like I'm in the simulator. But the glove would be great for switching things and pushing buttons on the MFD.
  5. I'll take pics of my color manual when it comes on Monday.
  6. I'm not sure what the big deal is with the 3D Vision and the offset reticles in the HUD. I just did my first training mission firing rockets and guns at some targets on the ground. If you look at the HUD from not zooming, then yea, you will be very inaccurate. However, for those that have TrackIR, you should have no problem zooming into the HUD and making accurate hits on targets without closing one eye. -M
  7. I can wait as I just purchased DCS:A-10 and have a LOT to learn before getting picky about the terrain.
  8. I ordered this from the website: http://www.mimeo.com They have a 50% off for first time customers right now.
  9. When is this MAP going to be released for DCS:A-10? I'm dying to try it out.
  10. I went ahead with that link and ordered me a colored version of the manual. It set me back $223.00 but I think it's worth it. -M
  11. Thanks for this. I will check in on it
  12. I'm mainly looking for a print to book format - not just pages.
  13. They aren't. I want this printed badly! I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.
  14. All: I am in desperate need of a printed version of the flight manual. Can anyone recommend a print shop for me that can make a book out of it (with a binder)? -M
  15. Uhh.. are you for real? You in the USAF? What base is your training?
  16. Yep. I think I was able to do it but it doesn't look anywhere near like the movie in the first post. The plane does a corkscrew, but I definitely can't do it that fast, and I cover a much greater distance than the vid in the first post. I just watched the tutorial Weapons Fighter School for Lock On and I can do it just like the Barrel Roll video - slow and long. This is the only way to not stall. -M
  17. Thanks for this. I'll give it a shot I know how to basically fly: it's just that I haven't been able to pull this move off. -M
  18. This is just showing off!:) How about you create a video specifically for this barrel roll and show the stick movement in the cockpit. How do you do the roll slowly? That is bad-ass! -M
  19. What do you mean by "start an aileron at the top?" Please describe precisely how to do this. I will try it
  20. I've tried this manuever several times. I either stall or over-g. I can't seem to get the plane to start a rotation around an axis.
  21. Watch from 1:08. How the hell do you do that? I have tried and tried. I know it's NOT a barrel roll because he's not making a corkscrew.
  22. While that's a solution, it's not a perfect one. I actually want to know why the game won't see it. And see if there is a fix for it.
  23. I went to the webpage and downloaded the weapons fighter school and installed it 3 times. It never shows up in the game as a video to watch. I was able to successfully do the rest of them though. Anyone else have this problem? -M
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