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  1. Surely Mirage III, not same story, dagger is a copy of Mirage V, i prefer the original, Mirage III & V is alway in service in some countries like pakistan 92 Mirage III, 82 Mirage V, as bomber rule high speed and ground attack. Used in case of lot of conflict. For the M2000-5, if they started since 2019, may be we will see something after 3-5 years work. we saw already the big rework of M2000-C update in this case. the first version was already deliver in summer 2020, after will come lot of delivery for capabilities to french air force, long term A330 MRTT phoenix, rafale an
  2. That is possible lot of ressource of RAZBAM work already on dlc module, but only for French Air force needs, first on M2000-5 and may be rafale later, because M2000-C is getting to old (no fox3), that can be explain why other module are just maintained and slow dev. I dont know if they will release one version donwgraded for an public add on. i will surely buy when done, but must wait some years. school pilot
  3. jpbordi

    Mirage F1 hype

    US mirage F1 fleet, on the way to playing agressor with F22/F35 Second live of 48 mirage F1
  4. hello, thanks for the work, we have a lot of plane to play, as for the bugs, i know, they will be corrected with time and updates. for me that look normal. I hope you'll be able to make one day the new M2000-5 module (for the fox3) from the M2000-C, it will review the radar, the ew and the mica missile. For the Falklands map, I hope you will be able to make all the aircraft/ship/helicos that were players in these battles. But clearly, it seem they have no more time developpment for dcs current projects, tucano, mig23, thunder,f-15e and all other seem freezed. they work only for the bu
  5. ok i understand, i get a complete module list in the module manager i click off the modules are not permitted in the list. it doesn't show any more the unwanted popups requested for serial number for dlc jets againt's FC3 (flamming cliff) jets (already present). Sorry, it is fixed Thanks a lot.
  6. jpbordi

    Our roadmap

    i dont know if the list is up to date, seem they increase team https://razbamsimulations.com/index.php/our-team
  7. Hello Since some update 2.5.x, i get minor issue, i have DCS wolrd 2.5.6 + FC3 flamming cliff + all dcs jet module except JF17 when i start DCS, it say "please provide serial number" for some jet ? what that ? i click skip i try jet and it is working for A10-A (FC3 why ?) F15-C(FC3 why ?) GNS430 (i never order, why this request ?) SU25 ( included DCS wolrd) SU27 (FC3 why ?) after iget popup Authorization is valid for 2d 23h 56m The following DLCs are not authorized and will be disabled: Su-25 A-10A F-15C MiG-29 NS430_Mi-8MT GNS430 NS430_L-39C Su-27
  8. hello Because i am very curious to know how develop module into dcs. long time a go, i do that with fs9/fsx. i know it is more hard to do with dcs. i know c++ and lot of other language,not lua, but it will be not problem for me, For design, for what i saw, i need blender 2.8 and the module export EDM for dcs, because 3DSMAX is very to expensive for me, that is for professional only. i search tutorial for discover how to code a very small module inside dcs, if it is possible. not a 5 years module full time :) ${1} after learning, my first goal project will try t
  9. depend getting technical information for coding, if they doenst get they cant do it, like mirage F1 from aviodev, you can wait 5 or 10 years may be never the answer is coming soon i am very happy with M2000C and Harrier, i can wait,
  10. when i run DCS last version, DCS ask me serial of each jet of flaming cliff, A10, SU27,SU33,etc .. what that ? i bought all jet module except JF17 edit:: ! i must validate again each serial licence of each plane flaming cliff, not funny, i must return found my licence list
  11. old standard can be possible, they are obsolete, rafale M F1 air-air pesa, or F2 air-air pesa with some bombing (gbu12), missile air air magic2 ir, mica em (first version) but you can forget the standard F3/F4 are confidential. they will follow the roadmap until the standard F6/F7 and will stay in service until 2070 with getting upgrade from ScaF program successor
  12. For my view, This depend of strategy development way and the power team of company, 1) if they want perfect product with less bug, they will take lot of years like F14 healbur, can be 3-5 years ? but the price will be high for long time. 2) if only basic feature are just implemented for releasing and after they are going for rolling upgrade for improvements features and fix bug like razbam we can buy him in <2 year. but the first release will give lot of dissatisfaction and they can't sell them full price. that will take time before the product become acceptable. That depe
  13. I hope we got T2 version, captor, pirate, dass, for interceptor and paveway bombing, i dont think possible getting T3 (aesa e-captor, storm shadow, météor, brimstone) to early but T1 version can be build "fast", and new module with T2 standard later
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