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  1. Considering the screendoor effect in VR, it would be nice if we had a cockpit livery that wasn't anti-aliased and maybe "cleaner" in order to be more VR-friendly.


    Anyone ever tried to work on the cockpit texturing for this purpose ? did it works ?

    Any suggestion ?


    thank you :thumbup:

  2. Friendly greetings !


    Soo... i'll be honnest :

    I have no idea how to mod DCS and don't have much interest in developing a mod. (unless i really have to).


    The basic idea is simple, the process may be difficult or simple, i have no idea.


    I fly in VR (oculus rift) and i'm tired of the horribly bad look of terrain texture.

    Partially because i have "only" an overclocked GTX 970 so i can't max out the settings.


    What works very well in VR is flat and/or cartoonish shading.


    EG : 3028788-screenshot_11.jpg


    Is there a way to do that in DCS ? In some way or another ?

    Is it easy ? (i'm a system administrator, not a professional coder, but i can code if needed)

    If you don't know an easy way to do that using a few explanation a forum, any pointer to the correct documentation ? Possibly a precise pointer instead of a "here is the 900 pages manual, RTFM" ? :music_whistling:


    I think you understand what i mean and i'm willing to make some moderate effort to make it happens. Maybe it will be an horrible experience, maybe it will be a good one.

    If it works and seems to worth the effort i'll put more energy in it, but for now i have no idea if it will make things better or a disaster.


    thx <3

  3. Anyone tested ? Can someone confirm it help with VR to remove it ?

    I need every last bit of CPU i can get and i don't use tacview 99% of the time.


    i OC'd my CPU and got only 4Ghz (i'm pretty sure it's my RAM but i won't buy a new set of 32GB).


    i OC'd my GTX 970 to the maximum setting (and it doesn't want to overheat of crash, sweet :D )


    How to remove it ?


    EDIT : heh, i just have to untick the option in tacview :D

  4. Hello,


    Currently, with HTC VIVE and OSVR HDK2, zoom + & - commands doesn't work, head tracking works, and you can move forward to read gauge, but when you need to see a target on ground, far, a zoom would be welcome...


    In normal mode, the zoom work correctly, with mouse scroll roll, but when the VR is activate, zoom doesn't work.


    My question is for ED dev team: is it planned to improve the zoom support for HTC VIVE and OSVR HDK2, both of them using OpenVR?






    you can map the "VR zoom" (forgot the exact name) on a joystick button in the UI Layer DCS setting.

    It lag horribly for me, but it's useful :)

  5. since i'm now capped at 45fps i can confirm that it was released.

    It works well, no problem at all so far.


    I have a slightly overlocked i7 4770K (my ram doesn't like the OC and i won't buy a new set of 32GB) and a GTX 970 Strix.


    I have pretty much everything at low/off except : Pixel Density 1.8, MSAA 4x, cockpit 1024.

    I have a very solid 45fps in any condition in Ka50. I'll change some setting now but i want to keep VRAM usage at 3.5GB maximum (currently 3GB) and 45fps.

  6. Good. Then you won't have to sit around and wait on the 25th, but you will be flying all day long on 26th :)


    I have been through this before, and release days consists mostly just of waiting, and then an hour of flying before I have to go to bed. That is in central European time zone.


    i won't be able to the fly the 26th too, i'm at my grandma 90th birthday :joystick:


    edit : 100th page \o/

  7. well, you didn't make it look easy as OP did (not that i could do better).

    it seems you using a lot of Yaw input. perhaps i'm doing it wrong, but during my crazy valley runs i just let SAS to do its magic.


    ho yes ! I finally found how to assign the useless friction slider (on the TM Warthog Throttle) to the rudder, and i'm exploring the capabilities of the A-10C with a working rudder :)


    Here is a new video (my 2nd successfull mission \o/) with EVEN MORE sliding :joystick:


  8. I've had some experience with a previous simulation called DCS: Black Shark. There was much memorising for me to do. While I didn't really mind, I felt that the game felt very flat without a joystick. I'm planning on purchasing a joystick soon, so that won't be a problem. However, how much time is required to learn the basics of flying and shooting of DCS: A-10 as compared to the KA-50?


    Hi !

    The A-10 (or any plane) is much easier to fly than the blackshark, however ... good luck with the fighting and weapon system which is more complete (and harder) than the blackshark :music_whistling:


    Buy a joystick, any joystick ! First, you will rediscover the blackshark (i started without joystick). If you can afford it, of course, i suggest the thursmater hotas warthog. But remember than the warthog joystick is only 2 axis and ideally you need to buy a rudder pedal too. (suggestion welcome, i need one :D ) Second, it's really enjoyable to flight an a-10 with the hatos warthog ... because it's a very well crafted a-10 replica :thumbup:


    If you don't want to buy the hotas warthog, i suggest a microsoft sidewinder joystick. I played Flight simulator and x-plane for years with it, microsoft (surprisingly) sell very good hardware.

  9. I own a Thrusmater HOTAS WARTHOG, so i can easily control the thrust engine independantly.

    My little challenge of the day, to learn how to fly this odd thingy is to flight without touching the joystick.


    I don't know how realistic it is, but it's surprisingly easy !

    - i have to touch the joystick a few seconds to take off

    - i can have an easy steady flight (at ~200mph), without using the joystick (and withtout the keyboard, of course)

    - i can easily gain or lose altitude (symetric thrust, no joystick)

    - it's really easy to turn left or down and keep a relatively steady altitude (ok, +/- 100), using asymetric thrust control (and no joystick of course).


    Checkpoint can be easily followed with a good accuracy.


    The only real problem is the landing.

    As soon as your landing gears are out, the plane take a deep dive.

    Maybe it could be controlled with the landing gear out, not sure. This is only my 2nd day of flight :)


    The track file of my 1st test : http://fractals.s3.amazonaws.com/vrac/no-joy-1.trk


    The landing was a little messy as i suddenly had to use the joystick to avoid a crash (i lost a lot of altitude with the landing gear) :joystick:


    Anyway, it's an interestingly way to learn how to fly the A-10 :pilotfly:

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