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  1. I wish for better AI in DCS, which is more effective and less resource intensive. It is possible, just look at Steel Beasts for example. You can get a regiment of AI ground forces to fight against a battalion of human players located each somewhere around the globe. And it just works.
  2. On one hand, it's great news that we're getting the Apache. It's been the one wish that some of us have been waiting for during all these meager years. On the other hand, the bad news is that it's DCS. They're gonna charge people in advance, then, like the F-16, will be sent to the fridge for months, years on end until some other plane is out of EA. On top of that, I don't see how DCS, as it currently is, would be a good pair for this. The current and planned maps all have a very low resolution heightmap, acceptable for a fighter plane sim which needs huge open spaces, but not for an attack h
  3. But it worked. Not that DCS radar modeling is much better.
  4. They've been posting updates since 2010 mate.
  5. I hope it's not the Super Hornet. To be very honest, I hope that ED finally came to senses and decided to grab the F-15E out of Razbam's hands and that is the plane they're going to announce. Razbam already proved after more than 10 years of disappointments that they can't deliver it.
  6. stormridersp


    Yeah, again on hold, well, small things won't get it out the door. it's only 10 years delayed now. It's ok. Razbam being razbam.
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    Where did you read it is again back on hold?
  8. I don't disagree, but if you compare the cockpits from the A and D versions of the Apache, the A, being a lot more analog, is more to a Tomcat interaction between pilot and co-pilot, where some functions can only be done by one or the other; while the D version is more to a F-15E, with shared digital systems accessed by MFDs and/or dedicated instrumentation, meaning that any specialization pilot/co-pilot gunner is more than anything an improved conviviality and redundancy than a necessity: both can do basically everything albeit some things better than the other one.
  9. AFAIK, this cockpit is from the prototype only. The production model had MFDs, initially green and white displays then replaced with LCDs.
  10. Not only 4k, but at 32bits on top of that.
  11. The Quest 2 has better resolution, which means exponentially more pixels to draw. Our 1070 Ti is not able to handle it unfortunately. It already struggles with a low end CV1, and I'm not even talking about DCS yet. In DCS, CV1 + 1070ti you can get 45fps stable flying alone with virtually everything on low in the Syria map.
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