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  1. Cmon, you have a 3090... Do you think, with the contacts you have with the team, that you could get 90 with vulkan?
  2. @Wags Take your time and deliver a quality product.
  3. In Janes F-15E you could switch seats even in SP. It was good because you could setup your avionics differently front to back and then switch as you wished.
  4. Yeah, but finish the F15 first....
  5. Sounds like a scheduler issuer. Try setting Win10 processor priority to programs and maybe check the the cpu affinity of DCS program.
  6. IBM XT with Fligh Simulator 2.0
  7. Talking about the F-16 release in the Apache's EA topic is bad omen! It was so bad in so many ways. From the day it was launched, (and cashed upon), it's development was halted and the product itself delayed for...until the other product was finished, whenever it should be. Not what one would expect of a EA product, is it, specially not what one would expect when it was explicit said that there would be 2 separate team working on both projects? The critics were all quickly censored and given warning points. All the ingredients for a perfect storm. Criticism will always exist, specially for a EA product. The F-16 was an aberration. For the smarties, instead of making jokes, they should instead focus their wits to steer and incentivize the criticism towards constructive criticism. The jokes, the irony, the sarcasm and the ego are roots of the toxicity in this community.
  8. I hope you're not preparing the ground.
  9. If your machine is connected to a public network, for example the internet, you shouldn't disable it. It makes it so much easier for hackers to cause damage to your system or your finances.
  10. This got me thinking, would it be possible somehow, DCS bios, modding, or..., to have a dynamic view distance based on the altitude? That would at least partially solve the problem.
  11. If you don't care about your fps, you're possibly not utilizing all the capacity in your hardware. From an end-user perspective, like it or not, but it's essential that you maximize your performance specially when running older gen hardware. Fps is common unit that allows end-users to compare apples and oranges and make right decisions. Wise words, thank you.
  12. Sure, 45fps you're doing well, but with the most powerful hardware money can buy, the software definitely is not. Or perhaps DCS developement is aiming for a 45fps VR experience. Half the capacity of modern headsets, but if people are not getting sick and can push max graphics, I guess I'm wrong.
  13. Am I wrong to say that with your specs, surprising is that you don't get 90fps?
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