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  1. Forgot to say. Already tried alot of setings ingame, shadows, textures, view distance, 16/32bits, etc. Also driver setings, AA, AF. Nothing worked.
  2. Hi! I'm back to lockon after a few months, but I'm having this problem for the first time. Planes apear all black but with distance textures start to display again. I'm almost sure this is a driver issue but already tried a lot of them and no changes. Already tried 96.89, 162.18, 163.75 and a modified ones, NVO19371. My system is an AMD 4200+, Nvidia 7950GT 256MB, 2GB DDR. Never had any problems with Lockon with this same system. Any help? Thx!
  3. Are these new trees faster than older ones or they just look better?
  4. watch this test. It shows that Lockon, contrarily to what everyone says, benefict alot with better graphics card. In fact Lockon is CPU limited but for oposite reasons. It doesn't benefict nothing from better CPUs, because all their limitations are graphical ralated. I had a link to a test that shows this, but I can't find it right now. If I find it I'll post here later. But watch that one and see that changing from a 6600GT to a 7800GT will double your FPS.
  5. Every countries addons are welcome! Is this new country an addon or it will replace an older one? If it is an addon, then, very nice mod!;) Thx!
  6. Unfotunatly thats the price for high resolution models. Acording to these foruns I'm the only one who prefer old(1.02) models to these new ones, especially weapons models. They sure look great on screenshots but are killing gameplay without adding nothing to this game. If there is something that this game allways had since the begining were 3D models. Change that to worse an already bad gameplay doesn't look to me a good decision. I'll trade everyday this models to old ones with old FPS. I've to kill a lots of graphic settings like, trees, structures, etc so a few can take nice screen
  7. Thx, Tekateka. I'll try that and post results here. Edited: Now everything is fine. Thx! :)
  8. But I already have that one. I've edited graphics.cfg, LODs command line to a lower value. Could it be the reason?
  9. it appears on most runways if not all and I noticed that due to this light my FPS seems to drop. It only shows at night. Any suggestion?
  10. I'm talking about old models existing on 1.02, (weapon models).
  11. Hi! This models are great to screenshots but in fact they are ruinning my gameplay, especially weapon models. I lose 7/10 FPS each time I look to my wing and with 4 full armed SU25Ts on runway I have +-7FPS. To be truly I don't notice any diference while playing (inside cockpit) and I would prefer to have a beter gameplay over thousands polys rockets I never look at. I would like to fly 25Ts coops with my friends but unless I use less detailed weapons that doesn´t seemed possible. So my question is: Is it possible to setup my Lockon graphics to use old weapons models? I have an AMD
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