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  1. Read somewhere that a company is releasing a FFB controller. The price as I remember is around 2400.00. I would think the market is for cockpit builders. Price is not really considered a deal breaker. I believe I saw this ad in PC PILOT.... There is a good discussion on Reddit under r/hotas.
  2. Most of the higher-end cards are almost non-existent. I think the next generation will also follow.....slow inventory to drive up prices..hype...rumors....trying to purchase is a joke...by the time products are available, the next generation is announced with the same old hype and non existent inventory.
  3. Price vs. value in design, VKB and Virpil. In your opinion and ownership of these joysticks which BASE is the best design? I think VKB joysticks base has only one supported bearing on each axis, can you confirm this? The Gladiator series (Least expensive model series) has supports on both ends of the axis. Albeit these assemblies are plastic as their Gunfighter series is metal. Lazduc
  4. In this simulator/game, there seems to be an obsession with almost perfect reality. The aircraft/maps must be an exact representation of the actual object. The song is, a price is paid for this perfection and nothing less is acceptable. ( Which becomes very subjective contrasted to the printed information from numerous sources.) Endless mind-numbing useless dialog and arguments are posted. I think to narcotized the virus home-bound, entertainment challenged, aeronautical gifted into aircraft geographical nirvana. IMHO Laz
  5. I was thinking that with different computers that the software protection will not allow two systems on the same account??
  6. Is it possible to have two different computers with both having DCS 2.5 stable? I would like to have my older computer have DCS 2.5 stable and Flaming Cliffs 3 on it. With the lower requirements of FC3 this computer should be able to run this. Just these 3 programs will be on it: FC3, DCS 2.5, and Windows 10. ( Hotas control software.) My other computer will have another copy of DCS 2.5 beta and stable and all my other modules. I will purchase another copy of FC3. Will thee be a conflict with the same IP address? I will not be running both systems at the same time.
  7. I received my collective from K-51, the Russian builder. He uses Virpil boards. This is the same as in the previous posts which shows everything.....except he added a large rotary dial on the inboard side. The metal knob is 1.5 in diameter. The twist throttle is excellent as is all the build. Mostly metal and professionally built. Chrome steel shaft holding the extended black poly twist throttle. I believe the friction disk is Teflon. Depending on time...I might add lighting and labels. As it is now, the price is very, very reasonable. With the virus problem, Russian ship
  8. I was told a long time ago that DCS was a rich man's sport and if I could not afford the entry fees/equipment costs then I was playing in the wrong park and basically to move on. A number of members agreed, something like, and don't let the door hit you on the way out. The rebuttal I posted which was much less critical/objectionable than I have read here of late.....won me a year's banishment. This is my first post since....consider yourselves lucky to be able to post critiques, frustrations, opinions, criticisms of any merits and faults. Laz
  9. lazduc

    Why "O" Why

    I read this but cannot find the post. The suggestion/comment was perfect and I wonder why it's not available especially in products that are composed of " Pay now and then get access to the alpha whenever that happens" to "Pay now and have access to a bug prone/unfinished/ much hyped/numerous promised features that may become available as a later date. To be determined but may take a few more years." (These methods of selling software are almost beyond belief but it is.) One super simple way of relieving the anxiety and bad feelings is too: (1) List all pertinent
  10. Hey Eagle Fux, Put a lid on it. Nothing to contribute except asinine recycled verbiage. Mixalis just joined and your rude self centered remarks should be left in your basement.
  11. Anything that is repetitious becomes boring. Try some other sims. Try a space sim. Lots of games, military, ships, planes and free.Turn off your computer for a few months. Very good chance you won't miss anything unless a new module is released, then the bug hunting begins again.
  12. Thanks guys for the answers. Appreciate your time. Laz
  13. Currently in my new/old computer resides a 1070. I have a spare 1080. If I change these around will that trigger something and disable DCS? I am also adding a 500gb nvme drive. I could also change the processor. Currently in that system lies a 4790K. I also have another 8700K. Should I change everything before I install DCS. I might forgo the CPU change as I want to use that 8700K in something else. What do you think? Thanks. Laz :D
  14. I would call this a score. Off the notorious Craigs List. MSI Z97 Gaming 7, 750w PS, Corsair case, Corsair water cooler, 32GB memory, EVGA 1070 w/8gb, I7-4790K processor, Win10 256gb ssd, 500gb ssd. Excellent condition. $650.00 Delivered. Couldn't pass this up. Just ordered a 500gb M-2 WD Black NVME PCI -Express 2280. Is 500GB large enough to hold almost all of DCS? If not I will get a 1TB SSD. I am going to use my newly built 8700k/Asus390 with duel 1080TI's for something else. I purchased an HP820 with 128GB/Quatro 4000vidcard, 2/ssd and 1/ 2TB HD, dual XEON 2680 @2.
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