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  1. Hi Wasserfall, are they the same as files you sent me ? If not, you can send them to me, you have got my email addre. Thanks a lot
  2. Same thing for me, interested by just the equipped grip with "going outside" wires to be soldered on other hardware...
  3. Hi HPO, I think the button for the radar is also a push button as we can read in russian "center of zone" , so I think that you could quick call in the center of the hud the targetting box of the radar system by pressing this button...to be confirmed ...
  4. Do you think it will be possible just to buy the stick grip with buttons WITHOUT the joy system ? To be directly interfaced with systems like IOCards or USB modules ? I'am interested by the grip alone, I have the electronic to make a stick working...so just want to know if you think it will be possible to buy it alone or if I have to design mine ( it was for that reason that I asked you if you let the 2D or 3D plans available or can buy them...) Best regards
  5. Have you got just an ideea of the future price (big estimation of course ! ) Just to have an idea of the amount of coins I need to save...lol
  6. Or maybe БУ-6 ???!!! Will search too
  7. Привет У кого-то есть размеры кокпита су 27 и размеры левый и правый панелы ? это для стройки моего кокпита масштаб 1/1 Спасибо для всех виды на http://www.checksix-forums.com --> cockpits et mod persos --> Cockpit SU 27
  8. Hi, I am agree with that, if you go on the http://www.checksix-forums.com , you will see that Lockon drives more and more crazy or fool guys like me to our wives' nightmare !!! : a full cockpit in the bedroom !!! So why not opening a new cockpit builder section and like he said, if not enough "life" in this section, then close it and transfer it to the tech subforum... it is my opinion tough... Best regards и до свидания друзей...
  9. Yes, but just the plan with measurement is very good, I'll plan to build it in wood parts but have no plan to work and no knowledge in CAO/DAO ! I thing that if someone want it into 3D, it should do it himself as it is a lot of work, I understand your position, but if you want to share 2D plans with measurement I'll be happy ...but can understant that you will not... it's your work Best regards
  10. Great job man, will the DXF file be availaible for who want to do it themselves in other materials ? Thanks
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