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  1. Tholozor's post in Help obtaining a “full” alignment? was marked as the answer   
    The maximum quality during alignment was updated recently. Status 6 requires a different procedure (Enhanced Interrupted Alignment) that isn't implemented at the moment. For now, status 10 is the best you can get.
    The EIA process would look something like this: 
  2. Tholozor's post in HSI moving map bug? was marked as the answer   
    Feature; HSI will not display the map at the 80 and 160 scales.
  3. Tholozor's post in Radar problem - assistance please. was marked as the answer   
    FLIR zoom is also controlled by the radar antenna elevation control, makes me think there's a control bind issue somewhere.
  4. Tholozor's post in No Red Port Left? was marked as the answer   
    The anti-collision lights on the Hornet flash red on both the port and starboard vertical stabs. Only the position lights follow red/green rules.
  5. Tholozor's post in HMD will not change direction was marked as the answer   
    Correct as-is: 
  6. Tholozor's post in RDR ROT was marked as the answer   
    What you might be seeing is 'AOT' (Angle-Only Track). This can occur when a contact is jamming. The radar is able to determine the azimuth of the contact, but the range is ambiguous.
    Does it look similar to what Wags showcases here?
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