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  1. Reenabling HARMs on 4 and 6 didn't make this patch, should be in the next one. https://discord.com/channels/542985647502393346/543014378643914752/888507126241198122
  2. Tin Shield search radar is 130. Square Pair track radar is 129.
  3. Did you ensure the target waypoint was set at ground level? Waypoint default altitude is 2000m.
  4. Part of that issue also stems from the bugged ageout timer setting and the lack of proper radar trackfile memory. 4-bar at 40deg is still valid, just not with the default ageout setting on the 120 at 4 seconds (hell even with the Sparrow's default at 8 seconds feels too low). Bumping it up to something like 16 seconds makes the larger scan volume more viable.
  5. Undesignate to go to "snowplow" or double-press Undesignate to go to VVSLV.
  6. As I understand it (which may or may not be applicable for this version) there's a MEMB option that allows the pilot to select/deselect a PPLI track as a flight member.
  7. Avoid A/A TACAN on channels 01-36 and 64-99 on X and Y.
  8. According to the second image the Master Arm is in the SAFE position, the MFUZ is set to OFF, and the EFUZ is set to OFF. Set the MFUZ to NOSE, and the EFUZ to INST.
  9. It's been reported:
  10. Tholozor

    Pickle won't fox

    Are you holding the button down?
  11. You can either use the cursor akin to a mouse pointer and actuate TDC Depress, or you can cursor bump the range. Works a little differently compared to range bumping in the F-16. Move the cursor above the tactical region (beyond the AOT dugout) and back in to increase the range scale, or below the scope and back in to decrease. Same applies to the scan volume azimuth: left to decrease, right to increase.
  12. Isn't TISM a Rhino thing? Legacy NATOPS section describes the MENU option replaced with the system time with weight off wheels. Unless system time is synonymous with Zulu in this case.
  13. You can never go wrong with Wags.
  14. Try turning the HUD brightness down a tad, you might be seeing bloom.
  15. That's the TGT DATA page that can be accessed from the TAC menu. It's currently non-functional.
  16. PP missions for JDAM/JSOW/SLAM/SLAM-ER can be be set using the TGT UFC option to program the coordinates.
  17. No, the burst altitide is set on the canister itself. Setting it in the jet only affects the release cues. Same thing regarding LGBs. We shouldn't be able to set them in the jet; it should be like the F-16 or F-5 where it's set on the ground.
  18. The Hornet does not automatically correct for asymmetrical loading either. There's specific differential trim requirements regarding catapult shots depending on the difference in ft-lbs.
  19. What he's pointing out is that the manual has an error in that the behavior is described as backwards.
  20. Tholozor

    RWR Sounds

    Probably depends if the encrypted file structure was changed but undocumented.
  21. JTAC issues are not an inherent problem with the Hornet, this belongs in the General section for DCS. Servers using a custom script also don't have much relevance to the baseline JTAC process (depending on what script it is), you'd have to take the issue up with whomever wrote the script.
  22. Looks like a T-45 to me, which would mean training carrier qual. Makes sense there'd be mistakes, no need to belittle the pilot.
  23. I press ACPT as I fly over the intended overfly point, not the presented designation point. Currently the DSG update method only works as a visual fix. All the processes described in the NATOPS regarding using the HUD, radar, and other sensors for the DSG update are non-functional.
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