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  1. Bit of an old thread, but yes, RWS does not have any type of automatic adjustment of the azimuth or elevation of the radar. TWS AUTO is the only non-STT mode that will adjust the azimuth and elevation.
  2. Feature; HSI will not display the map at the 80 and 160 scales.
  3. That's why you fly with wingmen! In all seriousness though, I would imagine that dumping fuel is more thought-out and planned. IIRC the switch will disengage itself when below the bingo setting (can't check at work), so you could determine how much you need to dump and set the bingo accordingly, or just keep an eye on the FUEL and CHKLST pages.
  4. The GAIN rocker at the bottom left of the MPCD will adjust the brightness of the map.
  5. Don't forget that the Hornet's landing gear is BEEFY compared to other trike-style landing gear like on the Eagle or Viper.
  6. The external cockpit model isn't really the focus of this thread.
  7. You already reported that, ED are aware of the issue:
  8. I don't see you providing any source information either, so I don't think your point has any relevance here. All throughout the Hornet's development the TGT designation has been action-driven. To my mind simply assigning the TDC to any sensor shouldn't cancel the current designation. If ED has documentation that says otherwise I'll accept it, but for the moment I trust @Jak525 's post.
  9. ED are aware: As for the visibility of the text, have you tried adjusting the map brightness with the GAIN rocker?
  10. I've explained this already. When a Maverick or HARM is loaded and selected, the RAID/FOV button will not work for the TGP. The missile will override control of that button, even if you put the TDC on the TGP, it won't matter, the missile takes priority. Once the weapon is gone or deselected, it will work for the TGP again. This is by design. I was confused regarding RAID because it's highlighted in your pictures and thought you were asking what it does for A/G mode.
  11. RAID has nothing to do with the TGP, that's a function only relative to the radar. The RAID/FOV button is context-sensitive, in that performs a different task depending on what's going on in the jet. When I refer to the "FLIR page" I mean the TGP display on the DDI since it's listed as 'FLIR' on the top row.
  12. First ensure your waypoint at the bullseye is set properly with the 'A/A WP' option on the HSI -> DATA -> WYPT menu on the left side of the page. The SA page should give you the bulls relation to the cursor position in the top left data block under the MAP option. Another option you could try is to use the OAP function and create an offset from the bullseye waypoint.
  13. Playing on the Open Beta branch is basically it's own invitation to freely report bugs as you see them if they haven't been reported already. Just make sure it's a proper report.
  14. It's not that you need to change which display the FLIR page is on, just dont have the TDC assigned to the FLIR page when you hit WPDSG. The thing to remember is that you're not assigning the TDC to a DDI, you're assigning the TDC to the page that it's currently displaying. If you assign the TDC to the FLIR page on the left DDI and then pull the FLIR page up on the right DDI, the TDC will still be assigned to it.
  15. No, other way around. With the MAV selected, with the RAID/FOV button will only work for the MAV, not FLIR. Doesn't matter if the TDC is assigned to the the MAV or FLIR page (the button will ignore where the TDC is assigned), it will only work for the MAV when selected (boxed on the STORES page).
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