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  1. The most recent newsletter from 2 days ago specifically mentioned an upcoming fix for JSOWs missing. Not trying to say you're at fault in any way, just putting it out there that Newsletters often contain useful information.
  2. You still need to Undesignate in order to slew. If a TGT position exists, the seeker will always attempt to look at it.
  3. You have to press and hold the TDC in order to slew. If you go to the Special options for the Hornet, you can check the "Unrealistic TDC Slew" option to be able to slew without holding the TDC.
  4. I believe that's a result of where the forward piece of the combiner glass ends.
  5. That's partially correct. The 'P/INS' advisory means that the INS isn't being corrected by GPS. The 'INS ATT' caution means that the INS is not providing accurate attitude data (usually accompanied with the 'INS DEGD' caution), or is not the current source of attitude data. At startup, while the INS is being aligned, the aircraft uses the ADC to act as a degraded INS (basically it goes into an AHRS mode).
  6. Correct on 1, the outer band is non-lethal, the inner-most band is critical. Partially correct on 2, the EW page isn't missing a ring, it just doesn't have one there. The symbols are still separated inside that space for non-lethal and lethal.
  7. The EW page doesn't have the same ring that separates the outer-most and middle bands as it does on the azimuth indicator. In my above example, you can see where it's separated with the symbols that touch the edge of display versus the symbol for the SA-2 touching the outside section of the inner ring. The picture of the azimuth indicator in the manual is mislabeled. The innermost band is critical, the middle band is lethal, the outer band is non-lethal.
  8. The EW page on the DDI acts as a more advanced repeater of the azimuth indicator. There is no difference in the threat ring priority between them. Contacts on the EW page will display additional information regarding the type of emitter (seaborne, ground-based or airborne, and tracking status), as well as providing an azimuth line for contacts in the critical threat ring. The only main difference between the two is that EWRs have a unique symbol on the EW page, as opposed to the standard 'S' on the azimuth indicator. However, some search radars for SAM systems will still appear as 'S' on both.
  9. It would require the modelers to define a section of the model to use a texture file as a decal the same way the current modex numbers work. It's not something can be just coded in lua, it would require an edit of the edm.
  10. Interesting, what do the position lights look like for you with the knob just barely past the OFF position? Perhaps that's something that's been fixed internally.
  11. It's pretty close (DCS screenshot taken with the Formation knob at half of max). Main issue I see is the glow sprite that pops up on the position lights when the lights are on, they don't have any kind of variance to them, they are simply on or off, and clip through geometry. Track attached. FA-18_EXT_LTS_test.trk
  12. Just an old rendering issue. I would expect things to change once the new clouds come out.
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