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  1. Hi, does anyone have an updated VAC profile for the Hornet on just the stock radio nested commands (much like what that “other sim” has)? I bought VAC and have been searching for a Hornet profile. I know Voice Attack is more popular here but if I can work on a VAC profile then I would not need to also purchase Voice Attack. Thks
  2. So the radar can update multiple pre active amraams as long as the missiles remain in the radar’s scan azimuth?
  3. Haven't tried it but what about air starts? Thks
  4. I see what you mean, that in DCS the laser stays in LOS and so can’t be ranging the offset (which isn’t in LOS) yet the GPS coords of the offset still get updated. But the TGP updates its crosshair coords as it is slewed without any laser firing. So why would it need lasing to obtain offset coords?
  5. [CORRECT AS IS] Litening Offset Purpose? As described, in DCS you can target and hit offsets with GPS bombs. They work as one would expect, that is hitting the offset target without moving the LOS, provided you TDC designate the offset target. It's only with the laser where things get a little confusing. The laser never lases outside the TGP LOS (center of screen). I am assuming that is true IRL. Hence, the need to SCS to OPR mode on the Point Track offset. The video is saying the TGP implementation in DCS (F/A-18C) is accurate except for the fact that the TGP does a better job
  6. Thanks to RedKite's new video tutorial on the TGP which clarifies the use of offsets. See - After some testing, basically... a) Area and Point Track offsets work with GPS weapons like the JDAM. You just have to TDC depress the offset target to update the offset coords in the GPS weapon. The bomb will fly to the offset target. b) For laser guided weapons, you have to use Point Track and TDC depress the desired offset target. After weapon launch, bump the SCS to the TGP to set the diamond onto the offset target in OPR mode. This is a slewable track mode which the laser w
  7. Pretty good collation of tutorials here by MemphisBelle... http://www.dcs-tutorial-collection.de/contents/pages/1moduleroot.php#ma
  8. DGFT mode is an ACM which can lock up targets from within 10nm only. So if MRM lock was beyond 10nm, wouldn’t it lose lock in DGFT mode? Was just playing that other sim.
  9. Waypoint designate + TGP Issues: BUG? Doesn’t waypoint designate only ‘designate’ the waypoint and not the target unless maybe the waypoint happens to be on the target?
  10. You can still launch A-A missiles and score regular good hits on LNS and DT2 targets with LTWS, contrary to what some manuals and video tutorials have said. With LTWS LNS/DT2, the radar is still in RWS mode without the azimuth restrictions that you would get in TWS. So it is not as focused on the targets as TWS would be. But as long as the targets stay within the scan, you have a good chance of hitting them. Not sure whether this is so IRL though.
  11. I would think in the real world, the laser beam is stopped by the roof and so the LGB hits the roof. But in DCS, I think the laser lases the ground behind the building but the LGB hits the roof because the roof happens to be in the way.
  12. Yeah I left the Hornet alone for some time too, and enjoyed the "hey-everything-works" JF-17. Came back recently to check out the updates.
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