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  1. My "idea" for that intro was sort of a throwback to the old "Jane's Combat Simulations" intro.. Obviously not quite at that level, but I thought it would be fun with some jets in there.. :P
  2. Actually, those puffs seem to be the same effect you get when bullets hit the ground, only these seem to be oriented horizontal. New effects are in the works though.
  3. Well, maybe not related to E3, but the Hornet will not go unnoticed for the lack of videos/trailers in the near future :music_whistling:
  4. Great video man! One can tell you took your time with this one :)
  5. These are my current settings. Also running at 1440p in this case. Took the camera down low to Caen, heavily populated area. Didn't go below 50, and other places it was over 100. Depends on what's going on of course, but a very smooth experience overall so far here.
  6. I guess it depends on what you mean by "missing out", if the sim runs good with your 970. On my end, I just went from an overclocked GTX 780Ti (which was on par with the 970/1060 cards +/-) and went straight for the 1080Ti (also overclocked) and the difference in FPS increase for me was night and day really. Might also add that I went with 32 gig RAM. One of the reasons for me going for the 1080Ti is because I also play VR. In any case, you will get a nice boost in FPS even with the 1070, but now that AMD is almost ready with their new VEGA cards, I'd hold off just a little longer to see what they can bring to the table (which in turn will maybe cut down the price on some of the GTX cards). :) Then you will have more options.
  7. I'm not using an SSD for DCS, runs fine on my end. Guess that makes DCS run fine on regular drives then? :)
  8. Hopefully the upcoming trailer won't look too shabby either .. :D
  9. Screengrab from my vid from 2010. Not 100% flat I'd say. :thumbup:
  10. Yeah the water looks amazing. Wait til you see ships moving through the water as well.. :)
  11. The only part that was edited was the (hopefully obvious) black and white footage for the 2 clips at the beginning, and that "strafing the airfield gun cam" view.. everything else is 100% in-sim. :)
  12. Hi guys, here's my trailer for the Spitfire, hope you enjoy. :thumbup: It also gives you a preview of the Normandy map and some of the new vehicles. :D Also, I've made an alternative trailer version with sound fx only, which gives the video quite a different feel. :) Enjoy. Trailer: Trailer without music, only sound fx:
  13. Here's hoping for a quick recovery as well. :) All the best.
  14. Make sure you get some sleep inbetween all those videos! :D Nice work :)
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