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  1. A-10 won't have a new graphics engine, but an *updated* one :)
  2. Well, without going into detail, i'd say it's going pretty well :)
  3. DCS: A-10C has not entered beta-testing stage just yet ;) But, as Matt stated, more news on A-10C will follow shortly after the release of the Patch/Update for Black Shark, and obviously, i will dig into the sim and put together the movie (and let me tell you, i have never been more psyched to create a movie then now;) ).
  4. Indeed a well-made video, using After effects. And i see he has the same "teacher" like me, when it comes to learning After Effects... ;) But anyway, all my energy for a new movie will be put to good use for "Project 10", a movie for DCS: A-10C which i've been planning for about 5 months now. :)
  5. Too demanding how? You know you can also play using the "arcade mode", right? Learn stuff that way, then advance to "Simulation" mode.
  6. For the 2 above posters: Both the graphics engine AND the mission editor *WILL* recieve updates as DCS expands. But you simply can't expect to have it all for each release.
  7. A-10C will not use a "new" game engine, but rather a very much UPDATED one.. :)
  8. The "producers notes" will have a more professional feel over them now though, as i have made a small "intro movie" before each note, as requested by Matt. It's a small "improvement", but it helps sell the fact that, yes, "the movie you are about to see is a "how to" movie." :)
  9. Correct, you can now land on trains again, just like i did in the 2 "Fun with trains" videos.
  10. Do you have any experience with making movies? If i was to give you a task, and i say: Create a promotional video (like a TRAILER), showing the best aspects of this simulator, and please make it a little dramatic, so it gives some impact. Sound effects, i leave that up to you. If you can do this without music, and keep me entertained, i will say no more. But hey, on the side, i'll make a movie as well, only WITH music, let's see which one people will enjoy most. ;) Music is a part of movies, it's just how you use it that matters.
  11. For me, sometimes, music is half the movie. Before making a movie, i look for good music. Then i make the movie accordingly. If you're doing a story based movie, it's the other way around.
  12. It's in the works ;) And i actually spent TIME finding a good music track for this movie and editing different pieces to sound like 1, so if you dont like the music, im gonna hunt you down, and throw water at you :D :P
  13. I haven't personally tried it myself, but it should be possible to just replace the 3D model of the KA-50 with some other model, like the Apache or whatever. This was already done in previous Black Shark movies by "Supervasya". (correct?)
  14. Well, don't know about other movie makers out there, but i hardly doubt you will ever see a movie from me without music in it. Unless it's story based of course (and again, depends on what genre the movie goes under).
  15. Thanks, and that website, well...it has never really been up, though i began working on it. No idea when it will be up and running, i havent even thought about the website for like 7-8 months.
  16. Um, did you happen to miss DCS: Black Shark, or...? :P
  17. Correct, i added those clouds using "After Effects".
  18. Funny thing is, when Black Shark got delayed a couple of times, many people got extremely dissapointed and (obviously) someone whined about it. But when they finally got their hands on Black Shark, they went "Man, thank you so much for releasing such a polished product!:D". So again, regarding this patch/update, it WILL be worth the wait :)
  19. I'm assuming ED/Matt has got'n a few e-mails where people asked if they could join the beta team or something along those lines.
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