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  1. Of course not, but key factors make it look good: Max settings (only I may have visibility set to Ultra, not "Extreme). Gamma in-game is at 1.7. And the biggest factor in-game is time of day. Pretty much all footage is done at early morning and/or evening in-game to get that nice yellow and warm look. Everything else is just a good mix of camera angles and zoom level. :)
  2. Just want to chime in here and say that there is no color correction applied to any footage in official DCS trailers/videos.
  3. Running an overclocked GTX 1080Ti MSI card myself, best (and coolest, temp wize) card I've had so far on my end. :)
  4. I believe I asked/wished for such a mod over 10 years ago if I am not mistaken. :D Cool stuff ;)
  5. Hi, so you are basically describing how the F2 view works, but you want the same camera control in the default F3 flyby view? No, this is not possible. The closest you are going to get is to hit F2, move and orient the camera as you wish, then click CTRL-F3 to "toggle" the flyby function from this angle. Same goes with the F11 freecam view, if you hit CTRL-F3, the camera will start tracking your plane (or whatever was the last object in the F2 view). Hope that helps.
  6. Thanks all. :) Glad you enjoyed it. Got to give thanks to Nick Grey as well, who assisted me with how the video should flow and where certain scenes would go. :thumbup:
  7. There is no shortage of Hornet videos popping up these days, but it will soon be in everyone's hands, starting may 30th! :) Here is the launch video for it, enjoy :thumbup:
  8. Not bad for your first video! Keep it up. :)
  9. I'm at a loss for words. Terrible news, rest in peace Igor! You will be missed. :(
  10. The author of the original video went by the name "Tigrou", and I believe he was one of the first video creators with Lock On to get some attention and "fame", if you will. He really set the bar early on, by making a video using the Lock On DEMO back in the days. I know he inspired me alot! :) And on topic of your video - it's a nice remake, but if you went for the same style as him, you should've avoided using the "F3 flyby" view, and just panned using the mouse in freecam (CTRL-F11), to get that raw feeling that the rest of the video already has. :) Keep it up! Oh and welcome to the forums!
  11. I replied to this to a user on youtube, so I'll just copy it here: CTRL-F11 = freecam view. Move the camera wherever you want. Then press CTRL-F3 and the camera will start tracking your plane from that same spot. For the "dynamic camera movement", use TrackIR and try to simulate a real handheld camera. If you don't have TrackIR, the plane will be locked to the center of the screen as the plane flies around. Or you just use the mouse to try to follow the plane (while in freecam view), but the movement will not be as smooth. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi there! I saw your PM, but I might as well answer it here. :) I notice a problem with how you have rendered the video itself. I do not believe it's an issue with youtube compression. If you are using (Sony) Vegas for editing/rendering then maybe this will help, as these are the settings I used when rendering the DCS World 2.5 video. :thumbup: You can of course render at whatever resolution you wish.
  13. Thanks for the nice feedback. :) For those curious as to what music it is: Unleashed - Two Steps From Hell.
  14. Thanks guys! My gamma settings are at 1.6 for those that are wondering.
  15. For me, my gamma is set to 1.6. Remember that time-of-day will also affect the "look" of the game, so try flying at dawn or dusk and you will see what you have seen in many of the videos. :)
  16. Thanks! And yes, you are correct :thumbup:
  17. We can't have DCS World 2.5 without a proper launch video, now can we? So here you go, hope you enjoy :thumbup:
  18. I don't think that's possible, but I have noticed (in the internal and tester builds we are using) that the position of the Freecam (F11, or CTRL-F11) will carry over even when you quit the mission. In other words, you can just find a good spot, maybe just have your pilot bail out and walk to whatever position is good, then use the freecam and place the camera at the pilots head height (hight?) , if that's a word. Anyway, when you quit the mission, and do whatever changes in the editor - when you start the mission again, and you simply press F11 , the camera will be placed where you left it off, on the spot. Maybe that could work. :)
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