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  1. There is no internal tool for making DCS trailers, everything is done with what is available to everyone.
  2. I suppose that wouldn't be a bad thing. Though I can't see any huge benefit of beeing able to control it like that, when you technically can do the same thing already. 1 - Use the F11 freecam view and place the camera wherever you want, then hit CTRL-F3. Camera will now act like the normal flyby camera from this position. 2 - Use the F2 view - pan and move the camera as far away from your aircraft as you like and however you see fit. Hit CTRL-F3. You now have a flyby from this angle.
  3. Speaking for my own opinion, but yes, there are areas that the camera system in DCS could improve. But on the other hand, I would also not want the game to decide how a "camera" is moving or behaving in-game. I need to control that myself. As is pretty evident by all the fantastic DCS World cinematic videos out there, the view system in DCS is actually pretty robust as is, as you can literally do any camera angle/zoom/movement as in real life, with the proper know-how (like using other aircraft as cameras, F11 free-cam, ground vehicles for camera, TrackIR to control movement etc). I also believe there is a mod for the F3 flyby view that makes the camera move a little, like a subtle camera shake, so the aircraft will not be static locked at the center of the screen (though I can't remember where i found it at the moment).
  4. I've been using Nvidia Shadowplay for a couple of years myself. Haven't tried recording with OBS yet though..
  5. To be fair, the F-14 launch trailer "this is war", is sitting at 389,216 views from March 8 up until today. And the first reveal video of the F-14 sits at 483,998 views from Oct 7th 2018 up until today. These are the numbers from Heatblur youtube channel. :)
  6. :blush: Oh you guys. But seriously, glad you enjoyed the trailer. :)
  7. Glad you enjoyed the video, thanks all. :)
  8. Matt will be taking care of those "in-depth" videos. :)
  9. I am feeling much better, thanks guys. Work has resumed on the F-16 trailer. :)
  10. Hey guys, yeah I am still sick, unfortunatly. I posted this on my facebook page, just to fill in the gaps: "Hi all, this week was supposed to see the release of the F-16 trailer. Unfortunatly, i have become quite ill with high fever, and i will spend the next few days in bed recovering. This is very frustrating for me as i promised the video for you guys tomorrow.. I hope to have the video ready for you guys next week sometime. Thanks for understanding."
  11. The ground detail is higher on the Nevada map and the Persian Gulf map, thus increasing your sensation of speed. And obviously, those GoPro videos you see on most aircraft videos will have a good sense of speed because of the extreme field of view.
  12. This was something I noticed as well, bullet impacts in the water does not create "heat wave" effects. In any case, it has now been fixed, will come in a future update :)
  13. Not too great when making a promotional video either :D
  14. Noticed this myself, reported to the team. :thumbup:
  15. I can say with confidence that the F-16 will get the proper treatment for this trailer. :)
  16. I had my settings at "Extreme" visibility, but there were no tweaks beyond that. Keep in mind that when you zoom in, you will see alot more detail in the distance compared to the "normal" FOV, like in-cockpit etc.
  17. Well that is certainly a very simplified way of looking at it.
  18. "ask yourself why ED module promotional films use real aircraft sounds in them" Wanted to chime in quickly regarding that one. Using sounds directly from the in-game footage we record, could easily be translated as to doing those types of recording in real life as well, with the same angles and situations (more or less). When you have a camera attached to the aircraft, all you hear is "FSSSSHHHHFSSSHHSH" (lovely translation of a jet engine and wind, I know :D ). When you want the focus of that scene to be of another airplane wizzing by, there is no way you would be able to hear it. Maybe a suuuuper slight and faint "wush". Or - say you are in a dogfight, 4-5 aircraft flying around, and you have the camera faaar away (maybe on the ground below, looking up), and you are zoomed in to 1 specific aircraft. Now ask yourself how you - the viewer - is going to be able to hear that 1 specific jet we are looking at. Again, you can't. With all that background noise it would just blend in with all the other jets. Not to mention that when you get far enough away, audio becomes quite muddy and creeps down into the low frequency spectrum. So trailers, specifically, are an artistic representatin of what you are expected to hear, according to what you are seeing. I need control over what audio comes to your ear. On top of that, all the audio needs to be mixed in nicely with the music as well, which is a topic all on it's own really. And with audio editing, we can also greatly give the viewer more variation of sounds, because let's face it - hearing loud engine noises all the time scene after scene might give you some audio fatigue (if that's the right word?). So we can go from some noisy engine sound for one scene, and transition to a more soft engine "rumble" for the next one etc. + it can give some scenes a certain "audio texture", if you will. So it's not that we don't want to use in-game audio, because quite frankly, I use alot of in-game assets all the time in the trailers, but they are usually mixed in with other audio elements as well. But it's mainly that it's super difficult, and sometimes straight out impossible to use the in-game audio to match with the visuals. Not in all cases, but for most "cinematic" cases, I guess you could say. For the Fw 190 A-8 trailer - the very first flyby sound you hear is a recording straight from the game. I could do this because it's a flyby close to the camera, and I was the only aircraft in the area. And I thought it actually sounded pretty good.. Just as an example. :) Anyway, maybe a simplified explanation of things overall, but I hope it makes sense. :)
  19. Yup, it's coming, just not this friday obviously. :thumbup:
  20. Product is still months away from release (Early access at that) so by then you will know what you are buying and what you are getting. :thumbup:
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