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  1. Had the same problem as yours, right throttle started to get flakey and then failed all together. No issues found after tearing it apart, can only assume the magnet failed or something. I have noticed the the overall quality of the wiring inside both the throttle and the stick have room for improvement in areas. So far I've gotten one new throttle set off ebay, and repaired two broken wires, both in the stick.
  2. If you get stuck in the mud then you're stuck in the mud, depending on the aircraft some are towed out or lifted out by crane.
  3. Same issue here, cannot click any buttons or switches in the pit with this problem.
  4. I cannot alt-tab from the sim and return successfully. Once alt tabbed I either remain on the desktop or go to a black screen, DCS has to be ctrl alt deled...
  5. I just can't see why the problem has yet to be identified. The USAF needs to take a plane that has had the problem out of service, tear it apart, and test each and every component from the engines to the o-rings at different altitude pressures. There is no reason why this is taking YEARS to fix. Either that or Lockheed needs to engineer and replace the system with one from a F-15 or F-16, atleast those work!
  6. A B-1B... yes please! BTW that's a classic print right there, Pre-Start Treaty, you can see external ALCM's on the belly, rock on!
  7. I found that if you don't keep some back pressure on the stick during take off the tire likes to bounce on the runway and break stuff. Once I get above 60 knots I start pulling back and hold it till rotation.
  8. I would also think it's easier to see HE impacts then AP on stuff, especially from range/at night.
  9. Indeed, had the same thing at the Andrews AFB Open House, couple of snipers on the hangars there to.
  10. There's alternate gear extension and you can also unlock the gear and allow a gravity drop. There must of been a pretty serious problem if you can't bring the gear down, but they did have flaps and spoilers so some part of the hydraulics was working.
  11. Would be nice if it did record a gun cam when you hit the first trigger, we could post our gun cams and score each other.
  12. Same deal here, CDU displaying in the upper right hand corner of my monitor if I am not running the MFD's through the iPad (lags a big).
  13. I had a problem with hats also, I took my stick apart and a wire had ended up under the spring, causing issues. If you open it up just BE CAREFUL and not pull on the wires as some are not soldered to well, just free them from the spring and you're good to go.
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