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  1. The locations you get over the radio in mission 12 (in particular the task to check in with the patrol, but also if you ask raider for their location) are in grid GG .... , which is over 800 nm away from the location of the mission. Ah the overall grid is 37T and not 38T, so not really a bug
  2. I had a similar problem, I figured I was just hitting the trees but apparently not
  3. hmm that looks like a good module. My personal fav x-plane module is the Hot Start! TBM
  4. This isn't as cheap as you'd think. There's a certain threshold where it's worth it (once you start being able to press disks and whatnot). What I would _totally_ buy is a set of boxed manuals (maybe even some real ones, if available), navigation charts, frequencies, and the like. Hell throw in a little warhammer style model of the aircraft too. Also: most hard copy PC games still release on DVD, since blu-ray drives haven't really proliferated on PCs, and DCS would be .... a lot of DVDs.
  5. I could've sworn DCS actually simulated this. Although I seem to recall the pilot in DCS being pretty quick to black out compared to some other combat sims. Speaking of, does the pilot currently handle Gs the same in all aircraft in DCS? I would think someone in a modern jet fighter with a G suit (and presumably training, although that might be asking too much considering what I've seen on multiplayer servers :D) would last much longer than someone pulling 11 Gs in a Spitfire. I flew with a guy in a certain other F-16 simulator that I swear to god would do straining maneuvers irl during turns. He'd also do complete by the book radio calls when we were landing, despite ATC being run by a pack of distracted cats in that sim.
  6. I'm not sure how many new people it would bring in, if I were new to DCS I wager my first module would be one of the complex modern combat platforms (Warthog II, Blackshark III, F18, that kind of stuff). In reality my first module was Blackshark 1 so I didn't really have much of a choice :D. At least for _me_ it would keep me on DCS and make it even harder to go back to GA sims. I'm also pretty interested in getting more of these once the dynamic campaign is more fleshed out, to simulate low intensity and asymmetric conflicts
  7. After buying *yet another* terrible GA cessna for x-plane, I thought, you know, it would be cool to have more "GA" in DCS. Especially the GA planes that are in service with various militaries and have been converted to carry weapons. For example * AC-208 - A cessna 208 caravan with added sensors and hardpoints for hellfire missiles. Used by the Iraqi air force. Apperently Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Burkina Faso are also interested in the AC-208. This could be a ton of fun in campaigns/missions that simulate the cost of our operations, and for asymmetric conflicts or conflicts in the earlier stages of escalation. * OT-47B Recon aircraft based on the Cessna Citation V, with the F-16s FCR and the WF-360TL imaging system. I can't find much info on the imaging system though. * T-41 - trainer version of the 172, would be a good first module for a GA developer wanting to get into DCS, and familiarize themselves with the DCS code-base while working on a plane that they probably already have first hand (IRL flight time) experience with. Would also be an opportunity to put other sims to shame and make me even more depressed when I need to pay $65/hr to play prepar3d at my local FBO. * C336 Skymaster / C337 Super Skymaster - there have been various military versions of these made, the FTB337 seems to be the one with hardpoints. It's a neat aircraft because of it's pusher/puller counter-rotating propellers.
  8. I think it would be super cool if key-binds were synced to your ED account, or at lease providing a way to export/import keybinds for all your devices and all your modules at once.
  9. I'm all in for the Tu-16, it would be EXTREMELY cool to also get a Tu-104 out of it too. These were the very first large jets, and the second passenger jet aircraft. Must have all kinds of interesting quirks. The Tu-16 also could provide content for many different eras (depending on available data) since china still flys them.
  10. I-16 hands down. That thing was doing relaxed static stability before it was cool. I found the mig21 got much easier to land once I realized that you needed to come in low and fast.
  11. This is a persistent problem in pretty much all computer graphics programs. During the day the _vast_ majority of lighting comes from the sun. In general, during daylight, you get ~20,000-100,000 lux of illumination from the sun at any given point, and most of the light that reaches the eye will have come from the sun, bounced off "the object" and reached your eye. At night the "natural" illumination (primarily from the moon) is <1lux. This means that individual human light sources contribute more to what you can see. It goes to show how much dynamic range our eyes really have that we can still see things even in pure moonlight. Anyway at night you might have streetlights putting out ~10000 lux and directly lit areas (about 5m away from a streetlight) are lit at 400 lumens, as light bounces around this drops off at 1/d(=distance)^2, as you might imagine during the daytime the contribution of the sun will very quickly outshine (heh) the contribution of any indirect lighting (light that has bounced >0 times). At night, because the total "ambient" light in the sky is so very much dimmer it takes more bounces for it to dominate. This means in simulations that don't simulate many indirect lighting bounces things will appear really quite dark if you use appropriate values for "ambient" lighting and for the power of individual lights. Additionally at night our eyes shift to scotopic vision, which we can't really emulate in a game because of how monitors work. Maybe with emmissive displays. Maybe some improvements could be made by, for example, making the ground a weak area light in areas with lots of streetlights. This is the core reason why most games use quite a lot of ambient lighting at night (after all, ambient lighting is our computer graphics knob for faking this stuff), and why mods that change things to be more "realistic" usually do the opposite. Heck you can see this effect just by going outside with a large flashlight, it's very easy to see that the flashlight illuminates things beyond it's actual cone of light. I wonder if there are any aerial photometric experiments Besides the issues with indirect lighting you also have dynamic range and resolution issues with dcs. With respect to those "blinding lights" DCS is limited by the dynamic range of our monitors. It would be super cool to get real HDR support, however. tl;dr good night lighting, esp in rural areas, is a total nightmare for computer graphics, and particularly for rasterization. ah https://doi.org/10.1086/142448 has some interesting data from all the way back in 1919!
  12. I have this as well, GTX 570 with the latest drivers, indeed this did not happen before I updated. Is there any way to get DirectX to redraw the game if I am in windowed mode? EDIT: for those of us in windowed mode the game will redraw if you do something that needs UAC elevation, I would assume the screen dim causes this. Anyway I hope this is useful to someone.
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