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  1. I also tried this and have the same problem.
  2. The problem is that no matter what the last boolean is the group will always head to the closest road and not straight to randomized point on the map. Edit: I was actually using groupToRandomZone. Anyway group will always head to the closest road. Mission file attached. random_zone.miz
  3. I think I was wrong and it works as advertised after all. So if roadUsing is false the group will still always use the roads if it is far enough from the arrival zone. I was trying to create a mission where group will head straight through the desert to a random point/zone. Is it possible to do with MIST? roadUsing = boolean. If false and the group is 1.3 * radius outside the center of the zone, the group will go to the nearest road and follow it to the nearest on road point of the new random point in the zone.
  4. Why is it that mist.groupToPoint useRoads parameter needs to be true for group to NOT use roads and vice versa?
  5. Wow, it was crashing on start for me and even the fresh install / deleting Saved Games folder did not help. But looks unpluggin the racing wheel helps! Here is the log with racing wheel attached. dcs.20201104-222352.log
  6. Also crash on every startup. Tried your tip unpluggin USB racing wheel and it helped! However if I plug it back it crashes on start again.
  7. I forgot to spend my expiring $26 bonus. :( Why you could only use $3 out of $10?..
  8. Well actually noticed now that Flap+mic forward does not simply work for any mapping.
  9. I have got a strange problem. I am using joystick pinky flap as a modifier and have mapped A-10C mic switch radios as flap modifier with throttle mic switch. All the other directions work but mic fwd does not. There is no VHF AM menu or mic switch animation in the cockpit. Tested it with keyboard modifier LCtrl and it worked just fine. Flap+mic fwd mapping has been working for years for me.
  10. Same here! Sent from my SM-G965F using Tapatalk
  11. I have had crash on exit for months as well with all the versions. I am not using Steam version.
  12. Never happened to me in any other mission or campaign ever. Does it work for you?
  13. The problem is that general radio menu does not open. The only way to get general radio menu back is to land at the home base.
  14. Crash on exit for me as well. Logs.zip
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