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  1. TM Warthog grip with aluminium neck crafted by CNC for sale. The stick works perfectly, but you can never break its neck (which is a common problem with this grip). The reason for selling: since I have a Hornet grip it is not in use. Price: 90.- EUR + shipping PM me for shipping cost calculating.
  2. I have the same problem, 3/3. Instant action, Caucasus, Cold and Dark, manual startup procedure. Several bit failure for unknown reason after startup procedure. Here is a track: https://goo.gl/yiiRp7
  3. Hi there, I have a problem installing MiG-21 in DCS 2.0. I had a clean DCSW install and I have no option in the game to install this module I've bought many years ago. Every other module could be installed and works fine. Could you help me to install this to fly with it?
  4. I had the same problem, I broke my WH stick. A friend of mine crafted with CNC an iron made replica and it works perfectly. If anyone interested in this replacement part, feel free to PM me, I can send you his email address for further information. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6RGfgDaI_jMZEpITk9FY05Uamc/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6RGfgDaI_jMX2lmVEtCS0ZQNVU/view?usp=sharing
  5. I've sent my email just now. Thank you guys!
  6. OK, its my fault, I'm so ignorant... :) It works fine, and this is the most important thing. :)
  7. After a full uninstall-delete everything-reinstall Helios works fine. I'm so happy... :) Loz, thank you for updating Helios!
  8. It was the first thing that I've done after I installed the new version of Helios, but nothing has changed. The gauges are still motionless. Today I'll try a clean install of all the softwares (DCS+Helios)...
  9. Hi Loz, I've downloaded and tried the new version of Helios, but my cockpit panel still doesn't work. Do you think that a full uninstall-reinstall procedure (DCS World and DCS A-10C) will help...?
  10. I selected my monitor setup in the game at the beginning. It surely my mistake, I did something wrong. But what did I...?
  11. Do you mean my own created monitor setup...? I named it birdsetup.lua and this is what I use in the game. _ = function(p) return p; end; name = _('BirdSetup'); Description = 'BirdSetup' Viewports = { Center = { x = 0; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1080; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = 1.7777777777778; } } RIGHT_MFCD = { x = 3180; y = 0; width = 420; height = 420; } LEFT_MFCD = { x = 1920; y = 0; width = 420; height = 420; } CMSC_SCREEN = { x = 2677; y = 124; width = 185; height = 40; } RWR_SCREEN =
  12. Hi Loz, thank you for your advice! At first I did it without any success (after patch 1.2.3 updated). Than I made a mistake. I've done an uninstall and a clean reinstall of DCS and Helios and I deleted all the folders... but I put all the .lua files I've previously created and worked into the game folders (Not form backup.00 folder but from my own save folder). After I red this topic I've done everything, step by step. I've created a new Helios profile (from yours!) too. Nothing works.
  13. Hello there, I had problem with Helios after updateing 1.2.2, but I solved it. Now I have the same problem: the gauges doesn't work. MFCDs, RWR etc. works, but the gauges still no. I've done all the things I' ve red about, but nothing has changed. Does anybody has any idea what should I do...? Thanks...
  14. Hi, did you unchecked the 'fill background' box in Helios? Have you repositioned and resized the RWR, Digit Clock etc. to the right coordinates?
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