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  1. Go to you saved games/DCS/scripts folder, open export.lua and check if there are the following two lines referencing the winwing exports, if so remove them. local wwtlfs=require('lfs') dofile(wwtlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/wwt/wwtExport.lua') They added an option in the last version of simappro to not put these entries back every time the app starts up, the other alternative is to go to the simappro settings and point the saved games folder setting to another empty folder so it doesn't mess with your actual saved games folder. My CPU frametimes dropped from 28+ ms to 8ms
  2. I can get 45 fps with reasonable settings and 100% Steam SS with my 2080 so you should be killing it with the 3080.
  3. Is that with the same DCS settings as previously? Because that is a huge GPU frametime drop if it is.
  4. I know this sounds crazy, but try setting Shadows to at least Medium. Entirely removed all in cockpit flickers on hard edges.
  5. Stupid question time, recently upgraded from Rift S to Reverb G2. I am wondering if there is any way to turn off the screen mirroring in WMR? I understand that the screen mirroring in the DCS app itself is zero-low "cost" GPU/CPU wise, but not so sure about the WMR mirroring and it feels really strange having two separate applications mirroring the VR display.
  6. This is a pretty important, and commonly overlooked, line from the WMR guide So the goal is not to hit 45, but to hit ~60. If you are just managing 45 then you are going to get dips below 45 at which point the reprojection will turn off and you will get "stutters". My goal is to get to a steady 60fps so reprojection can do its magic. Turning the reprojection indicator on is very helpful as it will indicate if reprojection is off, on but limited by GPU, on but limited by CPU or not required as you are at 90fps+
  7. Absolutely mate, was just adding some input from the guys who built the headset. To my eyes, and I think that's important because everyone's eyes are different, I see a massive difference in clarity between 54% and 100%. The hornet MFDs are a blurry mess at 54% (without leaning in like I had to on the Rift S), but at 100% I can read them from the normal seated position. With my 2080 I am never going to hit 90fps without turning everything down to minimum, so I'm working with settings that give me a stable 50fps so that reprojection can do its magic. Will be a different
  8. Nope, less processing, PD is harder on the CPU than SS. Apparently.
  9. Not wanting to dis your findings, but here it is straight from HP themselves ... the 100% setting is where it is at I've actually found that running at 150% and an in game PD of 0.8 makes for an even better experience both in performance and image quality.
  10. Newest version of simappro didn't help me, CPU frametimes still at 28+ vs 10 without the exports.
  11. Glad I am not the only one. i7-10700k@5Ghz 2080 32Mb ram "High" default settings Reverb G2, in game PD 1.0, Steam SS 100% With the WW exports included (and all other exports disabled) - CPU frametime - 28ms With the WW exports removed - CPU frametime - 9ms!
  12. Mate I just upgraded from an i7-6700K@4.2 to an i7-10700K@4.7 (not overlocked it yet) and all I can say is ... do it. It made a noticeable difference to DCS in VR (with Rift S, Reverb G2 is on the way), and rather significant difference to F2020. RTX 3080 will round it out nicely.
  13. Mine is rock solid, although I do tend to go easy on it considering the one that popped off during the review.
  14. Wow I raised that initial bug report 2 years ago, and now it's closed without being addressed? That's not a great look ...
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