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  1. Hmm. Not a very scientific approach. Counting yes/no's when you have no idea who voted or why! ED please stick to the facts, its what you are good at, and why your sims are held in such high regard.
  2. Thanks, Florence, I did not intend this post as a discussion of INS. I still cannot do what manual says. I'm looking for a definitive list of what is working/implemented, so i don't waste time with what is not. There maybe such a resource, but if no, the most obvious place for this would be in the Manual, which could be updated when the module is updated. I think it would also help in tracking real bugs on systems which should be working.
  3. Hi All, I've had this module for some time now, and come back to it from time to time to assess progress. Is there any resource where i can easily find details or summaries of the items and systems which are considered complete, as i seem to be wasting time reading the manual, and then coming to the sim to find what's in the manual is not implemented yet, or there are bugs. A case in point is Normal alignment, and stored heading alignment, which don't function for me as indicated in the manual. (using the Nevada map as example, at non Nellis AB's). Cheers.
  4. Cheers for the replies. Have changed the lua, will try it later.
  5. Hi all, Is there any way to 1. reduce the AOA indexer brightness, and (adversely affects visibility on boat lights), 2. disable the FLOLS symbology coming up on the screen (same as above, but also impacts on immersion). Cheers.
  6. Is there a way to shorten the 8min alignment in the F18 on the ground?
  7. After a dozen landing + pirouette's, i read this post. Excellent read, Now back to real landing training......
  8. Is there any way to remove hide or switch off the DCS window when i'm using VR. I'm using WMR, and what's on my screen affects the tracking on my VR since i'm facing it.
  9. Is the TAB key protected some way from being mapped. I don't use MP chat, and would like to use it for another function?
  10. Fish

    Button mapping

    Cheers Orso.... 'shifted' is a legacy term from old TM days. I really mean 'modifier'. DX refers to game recognising a button click directly, not coming through some software like target which maps a button to some key bind or combination. You have answered all my questions. Going to try another key as modifier to try and pin down the issue. Thanks for taking the time.
  11. Fish

    Button mapping

    Cheers Orso, can i get a bit more info from you.... What hotas do you use Do you use Target, or DX mapping. If DX, What button are you using as the modifier? Thanks,
  12. Fish

    Button mapping

    I've tried to map some buttons to my hotas/button box, but the wont map eg the LIDS norm/retract. I also cant make 'shifted' (modifier) mappings. Is this just stuff not yet fixed by the developers or is it just a problem for me? Cheers
  13. Title says it all. Can see the mappings for the coarse knob UP/DOWN?
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