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  1. Hello moderators, I'm just wondering if you can change my name from 169th_Akula To AKULA As I have not been with this squadron for almost 10 years. Please let me know if there's anything you need me to do in order to make this happen. Cheers and Thanks ;)
  2. Hi Folks, wondering if anyone can direct me to where I can find an FC3 profile for the F-15... I have an X-52 (not the Pro version) Cheers and Thanks
  3. "Wind is never "going" anywhere!!!! It's coming from somewhere!!!" It's amazing the thing you remember when a hot chick says it in front of you. Hell, she wasn't even directing the statement at me lol. BTW. This happened at an Aerotech camp in Ottawa 15 years ago and it was a meteorology class she was giving to the kids.
  4. I just ordered Trackir 5.. The wife is gonna KILL ME!!!!
  5. HAHA Hey guys!!! good to see some familiar faces!!! Can you give me the TS info and I'll drop by :) Nevermind, got it lol. Talk soon
  6. For the record.. I'm have not been a member of the 169th for a while now. I'm a free agent and looking to learn. Seriously, no one is interested?
  7. Hi folks, Although I have all the software and toys I'm a total LOMAC noob. I'm currently using an X-52 throttle and stick but I need a lot of help with FC3. I'm willing to learn as long as someone is willing to teach me. I can: Take off Land Manoeuvre That's about it. I'm looking to learn to be proficient on the F-15C but I don't feel I'm ready to join a Virtual Fighter Wing. It's just a level of dedication I can't afford right now (career). If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. My specs, Self built system Processor: i7 3930K 3.2 stock @ ~4.5 CPU Coole
  8. I'm at: lockon.co.uk/en And There is no option to buy and download FC3.... Did I miss something and ifso, can someone point me to the right link? Cheers and thanks Akula Nevermind.. Got it :)
  9. Damn!!! MOGAS Used to be one of my old call signs lol. Thanks guys I will check them out and drop in on TS :)
  10. HAHA... dude that was an awful lot of writing just to say "I don't know" Either way thanks for the response. I'm currently running 2 gtx 560s in SLI and just had a look at MSI afterburner and the second card IS doing some work but not sharing the load equally like it does in Bad Company 2. That said, FINALLY!!!! After 5 years of upgrades and using the best I can afford, I am finally running LOMAC at it's highest settings. :)
  11. Hi Folks, Just looking to fly and train with a squadron who is easy going and not hellbent on a ranking system or power trips. I'm not new to Flight soms or LOMAC but VERY VERY rusty. I can take off, land, deploy weapons but need a lot of work in navigation, weapons management and situational awareness. I would like to learn on the F-15 but I know the SU-27 and MIG-29 are pretty damn sweet :) I use an X-52 flight stick and throttle and would like to know if anyone is currently training cheers and thanks for reading Akula P.S. This is a VERY old account so please disregar
  12. I'm in the same boat as dfabel01 and I have no clue how to set these controls let alone calibrate the X-52.... There doesn't seem to be an option in the controller setup through Windows and I really want to avoid the SST software for now. Is there anyway to do it? Running Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  13. Fighter ops will never come out and they are stringing their patrons along with so much bullshit that it sickens me. What's even worse is that they quickly close and ban anyone who slams their so called "effort". Fighter ops is such a worthless venture and I admit that I'll buy it if it ever comes out but I'm pretty sure that it's just a pipe dream. I'm glad that flight sim enthusiasts are losing interest in them because it will force them to shit or get off the pot. http://www.fighterops.com/forum/showthread.php?10101-Are-You-Kidding-Me
  14. OKAYYYYYYY... Any serious replies??? LOL ;)
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