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  1. Thanks! Fixed now. Nice touch with the crew on board!
  2. Thank you for this! There seems to be some textures missing with the "The Chinese Aircraft Carrier Liaoning" The "Kunming DDG172" is ok texture wise. I'm with the latest open beta.
  3. To switch the targeting screen to the LLTV pod (has to be custom loaded) Right Control "O"
  4. Nice mod! Also don't forget to turn on the laser ranger:"R Shift+O" I made a short tutorial video:https://youtu.be/-VYVSG6qrdg
  5. Just found out experimenting with the search light that you can now with the latest open beta (DCS World open beta ) turn off the city light if you set the date between 1939 and 1945 (ww2 blackout?) tested in Caucasus Nevada and Persian Gulf. The airport light stay on though! Not sure when that was introduced,but cool new feature!
  6. Collision model were too old in 0.80 They seems to be updated in 0.81 https://cam.em-key.de/
  7. New sound files list Here is the list of the new sound files:Mig29 canopy open and close, Mig29 engine+all jets distant sound+afterburner and others. I also noticed new sound effect with the Mig29:landing gear,flaps etc. After every update i like to find what was omitted from the update log:-)
  8. This instant action mission start in the air at about 12500 meter (about 39.000ft) that's quite high! Here is this same mission but you start at about 6500 meter: Su-27 - Caucasus - Gauntlet edit 6500 meter alt.zip
  9. Good point! Right now it seems to only simulate the EOS movement in « helmet mode »
  10. I know that its only eye-candy but i just noticed that the EOS (electro optical sensors) of the mig-29 and the su-27(33) are now animated with the pilot head movement! Looks kind of cool to me. I don’t remember seeing this new animation mentioned in the change log.
  11. Unguided Rocket strike at night with litening targeting pod
  12. Tracking and engaging air target with litening targeting pod and Maverick E (laser)
  13. It’s probably related to an already general reported bug:static objects are only visible (will pop up) at around 10 km,ground vehicules and AI aircrafts are visible beyound that.
  14. You can also look at YouTube for training for example "Grim Reapers" as done a whole series on the A-10a:
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