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  1. No, you don' t have. Maybe there is something wrong with your Windows system.
  2. There may be some error messages in the Windows Event log. I would recommend to check it.
  3. Yes, you have to wait for the update of the SimShaker for Aviators by f4l0. There is a discussion in that thread [Official] SimShaker for Aviators
  4. If you get Gametrix vibrating pad controller, you could drive the small 12 V motors straight through the SimShaker for Aviators.
  5. Yes, such a big difference sounds strange. I guess, you could try to make them even by those Windows Mixer sliders?
  6. Windows 10 features an individual volume control for every sound generating application. Please check that you have got it at 100% for the SimShaker Sound Module while having it running. I attached a screenshot with the SimShaker Wings, just for example.
  7. No, there is no such a file in SimShaker Wings. You can see the JetPad connection status in the main window header. If you want to see the log records, please enable Verbose Logging feature.
  8. I'm not a guy who develops SimShaker for Aviators. If there is no vibration at all in any way, there may be something wrong inside the pad. Like a broken wire, for example.
  9. What do you mean here? What kind of control panel usage?
  10. I've checked the FirmwareLoader.log. It looks fine.
  11. Here is one more link to try https://1drv.ms/u/s!AtZazqt_Ko-7gaBWliv3b_lOanzRMw?e=1b6n1h
  12. I think that both of these methods can complement each other, if one was not enough
  13. Please have in mind the vibration strength dial at the remote control uini as well. You can enable it for USB mode as described in the User Guide https://simshaker.com/guides/jetpad
  14. Guys, please note that different Amper ratings is not the key factor here. It should be just enough to feed the device. As I mentioned above, something between 1 and 2 Amper should be quite enough. If one pays more for more powerful adapter, he just wastes his money. But voltage (i.e. electrical potential ) is the key factor. If one prefer rather subtle vibration than strong, that may be a way to go. I would recommend to play around with values from 7 to 9 Volts. I could see in stores adapters featuring the variable output, which could be handy for fine tuning.
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