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  1. My attitude sucks lol, says the post-whoring forum camper, get your arse to Iraq you lazy muppet yank so I can teach you some manners!
  2. Iguana, do you honestly believe I'd be in the least bit frustrated if I hadn't tried all the above? Why are you talking to me like I'm stupid? I can assure you that starforce registry was copied using both their export utility and manually (after it failed on previous ocassions) and startforce still did not accept it. Also, you really frutrate me further telling me how 'strange' it all is. I can also assure you that starforce HAS refused the key based solely on the fact that the card has changed, and also has done it when I have changed hard drives, added memory, upgraded my processor an
  3. Missing what? I said it had been a day and may take a week, maybe you didn't read the post properly. :music_whistling: Anyway, 4 days isn't quick, it's a ridiculous system and only breeds contempt for those that use it - in this age of technology there's absolutely no excuse for not responding within 24hrs, what are they soooo busy with that existing customers fall so far down their priority list, this issue should be addressed and dealt with.
  4. A week? That's absolutely preposterous! Yesterday I mailed them so 6 more days (or thereabouts). I'm all for protecting the game, and I don't have any issues with Starforce, but now (after 2 years from downloading) I have used all my activations and need more, I have upgraded my graphics,.. again! Granted it's lasted 2 years which is probably Ok as far as they're concerned in terms of how often you'd need to request a new key, but what happens when they are no more and there's nowhere to get a key from? No more game? This is really out of order, considering I'm one of those that supported t
  5. A week? Why, what the hell are they so busy with they can't be bothered sending a key out to an existing customer? That's scandalous in my opinion, and it's clearly done absolutely nothing to curb piracy as it's available on torrent and has been for a long time. I'd rather wait a day for a download than a week for the key. Well done! :mad:
  6. Nice 'up to speed' guides, any plans to do the others? In particular the Fulcrum and '33? ....and the Eagle, oh and the '27 if you get a minute, ahem, ;) Nor sure why you posted this in the 'bugs' forum though :confused:
  7. Starforce version 3.4.75 (splinter cell 3) has been emulated, there is an exploit using external USB2.0 equipment.
  8. Calm down, I'll bet it's all dealt with in less than 24hrs, you'll see. The pigs are prepped, chocks away! :)
  9. It must be horrible being you, it's bloody cold out there! :) Where are the pics of one inverted on the other? Bit hard to take? Personally I'd be up to no good with that nurse you mentioned. ;) Nice pics though.
  10. GTR torrent went out in February I think, not that I have it. Starforce 3+ is apparently emulatable but not crackable. Personally I bought FC1.1 the minute it came out, same as I would any other title that had such a dedicated team behind it. Some titles 'deserve' pirating, they're unplayable, behind the times and an out and out rip-off to put it mildly. Lomac has never been that and I sincerely believe that even someone who originally had a pirate copy (for whatever sceptical reason that may have been) then went on to buy the original and will continue to support ED, afterall, that's where th
  11. Lol, no offence intended Dmut, crossed wires. All fixed now, problems solved and quickly too. My apologies. :icon_redf
  12. All fixed! Thanks ED for a speedy resolution. :p
  13. Now there is no download page and I have come to reactivate having changed my processor I cannot get to my serial number anymore, Tech Support misunderstand my enquiry and directed me to the FAQ, despite me forwarding my payal receipt: **(deleted)** I had been playing it fine until I decided to change the processor and there is no information anywhere on retreiving your serial number in this event. **edit** actually there is a download page, the problem lay elsewhere within the transaction history but the problem has been fixed by Tech Support and all is well again, for me at least. :)
  14. That's the only part of my post that concerns you? It comes as no suprise. I contacted support to tell them I could no longer access the download page to get the Key, here is their reply: Hello, So now you can't access the Star Force activation page for recieve the new activation key? Right? If it is than we can do this: Use the attached FAQ, in item #5.7 is about such case. Good luck Tuseyev Daniel ED lead tester Which directs me to manual activation. Without the key not much use actually, great protection system. Secondly my friend, making bold 'I'm a moderator' statem
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