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  1. yeah but on an unmodded warthog you cannot keep the analog tdc pressed while moving it
  2. So How will the action/no-action TDC work with an unmodded Hotas Warthog? Can I keep some other button pressed?
  3. Most of the formations and especially the ON ROAD-formation should have a setting for tight and sparse formations. ON ROAD - SPARSE would cause the units to advance along the road but the distances between vehicles would be something like 100-200m.
  4. Haven’t seen anything recent about this. Would be nice :)
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but there is no way in the Harrier to mark a point under the TGP cursor and save it for later engagements, like with the Hornets M1-M9 markpoints?
  6. Where and how this event handler should be ran?
  7. So there is a column of ZTZ-96s and ZBD-04s coming. I fire two AGM-65Hs but destroy four units. Should not happen with a shaped charge. I was able to replicate this. agm65h.trk
  8. Yes but in multiplayer only the host should have to own the DLC.
  9. It would be nice to have a setting in the mission editor which would change the accuracy of the information on displayed positions of known enemy units. So you might know that there is a Tunguska near the area, but the threat ring shown on the SA page would be off by 5 kilometers. Also, when setting units as hidden, I see no reason for them to be also hidden in the mission editor screen. It complicates mission making.
  10. Bumpity bump, they fixed the Leopard 2A5 skins typo...
  11. Just noticed that fixing this by editing the NS430 entry.lua does not pass integrity check in multiplayer.
  12. Agreed. And the same problem is with the Harrier because there is a typo in NS430 files. NS430 REALLY needs some love.
  13. Did you ever find the solution to this? Seems to be a bug? To reiterate, if my TGP is in the center display it is very hard to get a point track with SSS down. If the TGP is on the right display it is easy.
  14. Please add the following triggers: Coalition ground unit in zone, coalition helicopter in zone, coalition airplane in zone, coalition ship in zone. Please add a new ground unit movement formation: "On road - sparse" where the units would keep at least a 100m distance between them. Better stores management for ground units; at least the possibility to set the number of missiles (Or has missiles: yes/no) because even though units like T-72 have missile capability, the do not have a full magazine every time in every battle. Besides, some countries didn't have missiles in T-72s to begin with
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