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  1. I'd like to use the F14 module, I would to known if the A version is more simple for rookie then B version. Is A version A-G capable? Has the A version simplified avionics then B? Thank you very much.
  2. I don't play for long time and today I see they have inplemented ground radar....I don't see it in the early access manual, is there any docs about ground radar?
  3. I'm interesting in your campaign, but I would to know if air refuel is necessary in some mission. I just can't do it and this would be an impediment for me. Thanks
  4. What is best gamma setting for you? I know it depends on the monitor, personal tastes, but I would still like an opinion. Thank you
  5. 3 questions: - I am on mission 3, in lineup card I see a "Strike Common" frequency is 124.00 Mhz…..what is strike common? - On the lineup card I have 124.00 for strike common, 150.00 for awacs, 1XX.XXX for airbase, 144.00 for jtac, 130.00 for tanker…..all these frequencies must be setted on radio 1, right? Why I have all frequency on radio 1? Usually, for example, jtac is on radio VHF 2..... - how do i know the frequencies for my wingman? In the briefing there is no written
  6. Can you explain please? Wich cmd line?
  7. where the key configuration files are saved?
  8. DCS World 2.5.6 Is Here! This is message when I lunch the game. But doesn't download anyting. Is the patch online today?
  9. Until 30 mins ago I play…..now I launch the DCS World and it says me "invalid usernamer or password"....after several attemps, it says me "authorization is valid for 2d 23h 35 m multiplayer will not be aaiable"..….What's happened??? I have the same hardware and software, i change anything!!!
  10. ok, I'm trying the practice mission. The tank goes to 180 kt. I am approaching about 182, but, inevitably and always, the tanker tube "passes" me, or in any case seems to be slipping left or right. But shouldn't it be magnetic so it automatically goes into the last few centimeters? Maybe I omit doing something and the "trigger" for which the tube is inserted does not trigger.
  11. Excuse me, I don't understand how I must do…...this is my lua file, what i must change to skip to mission 3? { ["created"] = "Tue Feb 11 08:40:38 2020", ["player"] = "XXXXXXXXXXX", ["campaign"] = "./Mods/campaigns/A-10C AAT/A-10C - Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification.cmp", ["status"] = "Active", ["history"] = { [1] = { ["stage"] = 1, ["mission"] = "A
  12. is there a way to ski the first two missions? I manage quite well to manage all systems and deal with all other situations, but refueling in flight I just can't do it. I have tried dozens of times without success. The problem is that it's at the beginning of the campaign and I can't go on. Is there some sort of autopilot for in-flight refueling?Sorry, but I can't play the campaign if I don't spend the first two missions.
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