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  1. Please check to see in your voiceattack screen if the keyboard icon is available
  2. @expert2000 How do you edit the .pr0 file? With Notepad++? thanks! I've figure it out!!
  3. Thanks @Weegie, I pressed LFT CRTL + PAuse twice to check the FOV, and it adjust itself....dont ask me how.... Cheers!
  4. Hi Guys! Since I have installed a Hotas Mount and so my distance from Track Clip to TRack IR camera increased, the HUD display text has increased in size. And I am struggling to solve this....any help is welcome! Without Hotas Mount and with Hotas Mount screenshots.
  5. Is there a way to save inside the mission, specific kneeboard for each group of aircrafts? I mean, I know how to add kneeboard for A10, F18 etc...but I want to add one type for the SEAD Group, Other for Strike Group etc... Thanks!
  6. when the tanker states that it is at 20.000 ft for approaching for refuel, it should not be at 18A....and I understand the above 5.000ft we shall set altimeter to 29.92....so everyone is set at same baro including the tanker. Inmy first picture you can see that the tanker is at about 18A.
  7. Now with the F16....same problem as Hornet:
  8. same mission with the AV8B: Tanker map altitude Harrier Map Altitude Harrier HUD Harrier Altimeter
  9. yes, but the tanker is supposed to be at angels 20 and it is in the map view but not in the air....imagine you looking for a tanker at night with no NVG with 2000 feet altitude difference..... I think it might be a bug.
  10. Flying a mission in PG looking for the tanker, I realized that was a difference between in altitude comparing with altitude informed by the tanker. comparing with the map view, the altitude shown in the map does not match with the altitude shown in the Hornet. This mission was started in the air. See pictures attatched.
  11. @Hollywood_315Is possible in the next update to add in the ATC page the TACAN frequencies?
  12. @Reflected I think the problem is only with CVN71.
  13. Biga42

    VA crash

    it happened more then twice, and for some reason the VA is closing during a mission. it is random and dont know how to replicate. Is anyone experience the same?
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