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  1. FONTE https://www.facebook.com/PolyDynamicsDCS/posts/2805208493053253 Bye Phant
  2. FONTE https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/226323-dcs-a-7e-corsair-ii-by-flyingiron-simulations/?do=findComment&comment=4537159 Bye Phant
  3. The Channel - Development Progress The latest addition to the Channel map will be the fighter base that protected South East England from Luftwaffe bombers during the Battle of Britain. Over the course of the war, fighters based at Biggin Hill claimed thousands of enemy aircraft, at the cost of hundreds of aircrew lives. Please note that DCS: The Channel will soon be moving to Release state. Don’t miss the opportunity of enjoying the 20% Early Access discount while it lasts. Check out the In Development Screenshots. New Unique Objects England: Leeds Castle Th
  4. WWII - Missions We have now introduced a difficulty selector option used in conjunction with the F10 Comms Menu. Options "EASY" "MEDIUM" or "HARD" will allow you to revisit missions and test your improved skill set. Singleplayer and campaign missions include new briefings. Mission sets are wide and varied and will include: Bomber Escort Flight/Section Scrambles Anti-Shipping Strikes Photographic Reconnaissance Airfield Strikes Train Strafing Close Air Support Bomber/Fighter Intercepts In some Single Pl
  5. Mi-24P information translated from Russian interview Bye Phant
  6. Le tecnologie di cui sopra sono la principale linea di sviluppo di DCS in termini di impiego di staff ed investimento (ci lavorano da quasi 3 anni), ergo, credo che la ED abbia ponderato il rapporto costi/benefici di un upgrade del genere. Fare previsioni in termini %, ad oggi, sui miglioramenti derivanti dal nuovo engine grafico basato su Vulkan è sicuramente prematuro ma allo stesso tempo è ragionevole pensare che i benefici per chi disporrà di un hardware adeguato (non necessariamente di ultima generazione) saranno tangibili. Bye Phant
  7. FONTE https://www.facebook.com/leatherneck.simulations/posts/2749137765308884 Bye Phant
  8. Si, ma sui tempi e modalità di implementazione (nel modulo intendo) non si sa ancora molto. Bye Phant
  9. I Kernel delle CPU moderne (multi-core) sono ottimizzati per reindirizzare in maniera efficiente i singoli processi (thread) verso i vari Core disponibili. Questo reindirizzamento lo fa automaticamente il Kernel (salvo rare eccezioni). Rendere efficiente un'applicazione vuol dire dunque programmare i singoli processi (thread) affinchè tale reindirizzamento sui vari Core della CPU sia, a sua volta, quanto più efficiente possibile. E' quello che la ED sta implementando in questi anni (anche attraverso l'adozione delle API Vulkan, che, da questo punto di vista, sono molto efficaci).
  10. Dynamic Campaign This massive task has been underway for over two years, and the progress has been exciting. The campaign is built around a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) foundation that factors resources, zones of control, logistics, available forces, and a strategic decision-making system. While we believe internal testing will continue in the 1st quarter of 2021, it is too early to estimate a release date. However, external Beta testing is planned hopefully in Q2/Q3 2021. Bye Phant
  11. Dynamic Campaign While a hangar of great aircraft is certainly a wonderful thing, having an engaging, exciting, and dynamic combat environment is equally important. We have been developing the inner-workings of a dynamic campaign system which will continue into 2019. Based on the strategic goals and tactical situations, the systems will create dynamic Air Tasking Orders (ATO) that players then join to help their side to victory. This work is non-trivial, but we believe the addition of this system should be exciting for DCS users. Dynamic Campaign
  12. New Clouds - Volumetric The wait is almost over, and the new clouds for DCS World will be introduced in the 1st quarter of 2021. In addition to being visually stunning, the new clouds will block visual and optical sensor line of sight and be synchronized online. We will initially release the new cloud system with an array of weather presets that will cater to most mission building scenarios. Later in the year, we will update the Weather Tool in the Mission Editor that will allow finer control of the clouds with a dynamic weather system based on a more advanced meteorological engine
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