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  1. yep, they strap directly onto your neck and pick up less background noise.
  2. If you go TFT you'll want to be confident that the rest of your system is up to driving LO-MAC at the native resolution of your screen. Dropping down to a lower resolution will mean a very noticeable drop in image quality. I have a 21" CRT on my desktop and a 17" widescreen TFT on my laptop (1920x1200). Both give an excellent picture, but I think the TFT edges it. You can't beat a TFT for clarity in its native resolution (for my money). Once you move away from native res, you're in trouble. Morat
  3. Russian Planes are rusty. I saw an Antonov land in Germany once and it was a flying chicken coop. Maybe some assumptions were made? :)
  4. CD- Burners are pretty cheap now. You should have one for backup anyway.
  5. Hmm, I guess publishers serve a purpose after all....
  6. Yes. My laptop with 6800GO spanks my Desktop with 9800XT despite having slower CPU, RAM and FSB. 12 Pipelines vs 8 in my case.. or 16 vs 8 in yours. You should make sure you have at least a gig of DDR RAM and a decent processor.
  7. Personally I'd love to see the Eurofighter in the game. It seems to have been built light and agile, which would be real fun to fly. Then again, I guess that the documentation probably hasn't been writted yet, so it might be a bit hard to get hold of ;)
  8. Now that is exactly what I was hoping to hear :) Thanks impalor
  9. I'm playing 1.1 on my laptop which has a widescreen..err.. screen :) At the moment I have the choice of playing windowed or having the display distorted as it stretches, neither of which is great. Are there any plans (or any tricks) that would allow either 1. Playing in fullscreen mode with "Filler" bars down either side to prevent distortion or (preferred) 2. Adding widescreen graphics modes up to 1920x1200 for widescreen equipped people? Cheers Morat
  10. You don't even have to change hardware... I tried starting 1.1 on the same machine but a different user - it wanted to activate :(
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