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  1. The Python 4 and especially the 5 family are claimed to have advanced options such as Lock On After Launch (LOAL) and other nifty sensor, guidance and autopilot functions such as electro optic imaging and post merge full sphere launch ability that are simply impossible to get any reliable information about. Marketing materials of the OEM toting these abilities should not be considered reliable data. The fact of these missiles existence in any "other" software title claiming to be a "simulation" is simply a joke to their claim as there is no available data to simulate any of these attributes.
  2. As far as I know the Python 3 was not used on the IAF F-16. Only used on the F-15, Kfir, and sometimes F-4E. Cheers
  3. Hi Bonedust nothing has changed, there are some small issues with the Syria map that sometimes cause dedicated server to crash or get dropped from the webGUI but otherwise no problems. Can you explain a bit more in detail? Also please post the content of your serverSettings.lua I will try to help you. Cheers!
  4. The buildings are there in real life. Runway 27 is very rarely used for landings. The most telling evidence is the skid marks on the threshold. Compare the skid marks of runways 33 & 29 vs 27 in the google maps picture linked by shu77. There are hardly any skid marks on runway 27... Cheers!
  5. Hi ! Sorry late for the feedback for the IAF community, it was tons of fun on a very well built mission, the 104th guys are brilliant and an extremely good bunch to play alongside with and it was nice to win for a change :) I've read everything and some good ideas are being discussed! Just wanted to provide input from my side. On this round I played in the CA slots and changed to GCI role in the 2nd half of the mission when 104th_Tiger requested to switch with somebody so he could do some CA or flying or both :D With regards to the CA slots some insights of mine to share: 1. T
  6. The Python 3 is actually already in the DCS library as the Chinese PL-8. I recall there was a mod by iafscx with the Python 3 for the F-15 but I'm not sure it includes the special "canted" pylon necessary for the F-15 due the the size of the rear fins of the missile. Cheers!
  7. Possibly yes. I suggest to try run as admin. Cheers!
  8. I am trying to think why this is happening on your machine. Does the user that the exe is running under have the proper permissions to write back to the user folders? I would suggest to try "Run as Administrator" Hope this helps you...
  9. You can create multiple accounts so long as you supply different emails for each. Cheers!
  10. You can edit the file serverSettings.lua located in the folder: C:\Users\[user Name]\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta_server\Config\ Here is an example of the DCS ISRAEL Description: cfg = { ["description"] = "Israeli community\ \ Website: www.preflight.us\ \ discord: https://discord.gg/c4NKxvJ\ ", Cheers!
  11. Yes it is still in effect. If you attempt to log in the account on more than 2 sessions the account will be force logged out on all the sessions. Since you don't need to purchase any DLC (terrains) for running the Dedicated Server what you should do is create an account specifically just for the server and use this newly created account to run the server and to access the WebGUI of the dedicated server. Cheers!
  12. In my experience turning on in the settings both the Integrity Check (enabling the models check & the textures check) and enabling the "Allow server to take screenshots" does enough to both detect and deter cheaters. Hope this helps you. Cheers!
  13. Israeli SA342M's and also HOT variant would be great for the Israeli side! We have players in the community that can man them and obviously it would be very nice in general to have an armed helicopter for the Blue side. The Ka-50s worked great with what I see was brilliant coordination with the ground commanders on CA! The strategy of providing the Ka-50s a relatively safe environment just South of Tiberias by covering them not only with the migs controlling the sky above them but also very smart use of pushing the mobile IR SAMS units right behind the red tanks that rounded the Sea of
  14. Hi Alpenwolf, sorry for delay in response, been some crazy days for us with our holidays and just normal real life preoccupations with family and work. It looks good for this Saturday Oct 3rd for quite a few of us to attend, so we will trickle into the server at around the start time and cooperate with the guys that will already be there. Please don't make any special allocations for us. We would just like to participate with everybody as we normally do in all your cold war missions which are all brilliant and capturing. PM sent for setting up a specific date and venue regarding what we
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