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  1. I reinstall... Drivers..old versions...LockOn (two times)..and the same results. La GPU is fresh (60/70º), the PSU is OK (30A)...i make some test with other games 3D full config, no artifacs, no stops, all OK. Is only LockOn....it seems that there are not solution at this time. I hope future patches make a solution for Dual cores and last ati graphics. Thank's all.
  2. I change the fan speed, now, no more than GPU temp 70º and no more than amp charge 21 A..650 Mhz core whithout overlock....reinstall all LockOn..the same...:mad: other games run faster and without artifacts... I don't want to reinstall all the sytem...some any new idea....:helpsmilie:
  3. ..if the problem is in the PSU or in the hard temperature (90º max) why in other games like Oblivion (full mode) or FS2004 (full mode) runs without artifacts ??... :(
  4. some configuration special ?, like fastwrite off etc... ?
  5. Thank's all :) 23rd Satan, whats your Catalyst versión ???
  6. ok...without overclocking...temp about 70º C....ambient 50º C....i got the same of the last photo...random coloured pixels...only in LockOn....I reinstall the catalys 6.5 but any changes, where i can get some more old...like 6.1 or 6.3 ?...for make some test ?.. Thank's a lot for your responses. :thumbup:
  7. the temperature is below 90º, the overclocking is set at 670Mhz. Other aplication like Oblivion run faster in full mode and the temperature remains below 90º.
  8. Any one can help me about this, its matter only in Lockon with this system: Windows MCE XP Pentium D 340 ATI X1900XTX XI-FI Drivers Catalyst 6.5 Thank's!!!!!
  9. Is fully compatible with multi player ??? if some guy don't have it ? CoolDead
  10. SU25T fails trim in HOTAS Hello I just program de pitch trim and the bank trim in the two wheels of my X-52 HOTAS. It works fine in all the planes, F15, M29, SU33 etc.., except in the two SU25. This is some error ??, or the SU25's can't trim whith this method ¿? :confused: Thank's CoolDead http://www.escuadron111.com
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