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  1. So basically you're saying that ArmA is super great overall but at the same time isn't realistic and that this is why you want to take the essence of it and force it into DCS so that it becomes attractive to FPS players... I think you managed to lightly insult both communities at the same time *lol*
  2. Different question: Why is there no option to set the default folders when trying to load/save a .trk file? I hate to naviagte through my whole harddisc everytime just to get to the folder where I installed DCS:W..!
  3. Ich stehe momentan total auf der Leitung... Ich habe mir die boxed version von Blackshark 1 gekauft (schon länger her). Zu der Zeit gab es noch keine Ankündigung von BS2. Jetzt möchte ich aber das Upgrade zu BS2 kaufen (für die Hälfte des Vollpreises). Bin ich richtig in der Annahme, dass es die deutsche Upgrade Version von BS1 -> BS2 bisher noch nicht gibt? Wird es denn je eine solche Version geben? Wenn ja werde ich jemals damit bei DCS:World fliegen können? Wäre dankbar für jede Hilfe! Da ist es ja einfacher den Shark fliegen zu lernen als beim Versionswald von DCS durchzublicken :)
  4. And here I thought I simply suck shooting Vikhrs... nice to see that it isn't exclusively my fault :)
  5. It took me a while to master Autohovering too. It isnt really simple but I guess I can give you some advice: Be warned as you will have to pay attention to many things simultanously ;) (but we are pilots after all so thats what we always do right?) 1. To avoid gaining too much altitude while pitching up to slow down you should reduce the collective to about 10%. 2. While slowing down you must keep an eye on the VSI. It is crucial that you dont fall under roughly 400m/minute as this will get you into vortex state when reaching slower speeds! To achive this you must constantly add collective as the lower speed results in less lift produced by the rotors. 3. Also try to minimize any changes in bankangle and check your speed (for very detailed speed information you can use the ground speed indicator in the ABRIS information box). 4. Reaching 40 Km/h you are able to engage Autohover-mode. Press the Autohover-button and (this is kind of odd) reset your trim. This will result in a somewhat abrupt up pitching in most cases but is necessary so that the Autopilot can stabilize without any input by the pilot. 5. You should also consider deactivating the Altitude Hold mode as it will give you far more control over your vertical velocity to avoid the vortex state. 6. In order to get it to a perfect hover you must reset the trim again to set a new reference point for the autopilot until it is finally stalbe (most of the time there will still be a backward velocity. You can minimize it by holding a pitch of around -3° and trim it but only after you ensured that the helicopter doesnt yaw or bank anymore) And thats it :) Hope this helps
  6. Why dont you just print those few pages from the checklist in the manual? They have annotations which include the default shortcut key combination and a description on which panel the specific button is located. Iґd really recomment doing this as they also include procedures which most vids just left out like all the system testing. After working through the checklist a few times you will be as fast as those guys showing their skills off :)
  7. Crunch guess you nailed it with the first shot! Didnґt know that a speed-up starting could influence the HSI. Im going to try this out. THANKS :) Thank you too sierra but as I mentioned and explained I was confused at first but then I checked my position as described above with help of the pics, the HSI was clearly not working properly.
  8. Hey guys! So Iґve just played a mission from the Cold War Warrior campaign. My objective was to provide CAS on targets which are given to me by a FAC. First target was to engage an artillery battery located at "38° at 20 Km distance from Waypoint 3" Well the thing is I wandered around the place and didnt see anything (note: I have small black dots enabled as labels so that I actually know if there is anything or not!) So Iґve checked the map and the surroundings and believed I made a mistake. I used the Krasnodar lake as reference point while crosschecking the map. I came to the conclusion that I was actually heading to the opposite direction... so I checked the compass and in the end was totally confused while flying circles and not knowing where I actually was! I took some screens to find out later where my navigational error was but guess what... I found out that I wasnt wrong at all! It was my compass which was 180° offset! I decided to approach the waypoint again but this time I flew direction 218° on my compass which is 038° plus 180°. And then I finally saw all those black dots in front of me! To proove that Im not a bloody noob uncapable of navigating I provide those screens with marks to show my point. You can cleary see on the first picture that the 180° line from my compass (magnified for better view in pic 3) shows to the nothern end of the lake. Iґve also added those 2 reference points as they show unique rivers streching out from the lake. Also check the curvature of the lake. You can cleary see that it bend towards my plane! (Note: The 180° degree line from picture 2 does NOT represent the arrow from picture 1! It is just there to clarify that this is the REAL south ;) ) Now to come to an end: Is it possible that the compass malfunctions randomly? (Iґve checked my aircraft in the mission planer and there is cleary no random instrument failure activated) Or maybe I went totally nuts and doint a huge mistake right now? :joystick: Or is it maybe a bug or rather a navigation mode I accidently activated by pressing a key by accident? :doh: Whatever it is, feel free to enlighten me :thumbup:
  9. 34. Deploying brake chute too early while landing 35. Looping in low altitude 36. Ejecting while flying upside down and 100m above ground 37. Takeoff on an active runway but towards the opposite direction right into a starting Antonov 38. Crashing into a mountain due to heavy fog 39. Rotating to early while takeoff and crashing into the forrest
  10. I got my copy of FC2 yesterday and it is really fun so far. I had normal LockOn before and learned how to basicly fly a SU25 but now with FC2 I noticed that the bitching betty is completly missing, although other warning sounds like the RWR are completly functional. Any ideas what this could be? EDIT: After a long search through the web I finally found out what the problem was. The SU25 doesnґt have any warning sounds IRL! I just assumed that it had to have them as Lomac had them before...
  11. Iґve got the exact same problem: After pressing the Exit button the whole scenery shifts to nighttime and I canґt do anything. Not even opening the menu with ESC. My guess it is "Win7 64bit" fault. If you have the same OS lagarto then it would back up my theory... Anyway Iґve decided to order LockOn Platinum which is known to work without problems with Win7
  12. You can also zoom out. This unlocks the target too in most cases ;)
  13. Well in general you are completly right :) But I stumbled upon this as I was familiarizing with the SU25 and I randomly glanced at the EGT indicator. It went down from about 800-900°C in cruise flight down to about 200°C when I set the thrustlever to idle (it took just a few secs). Thats a huge difference! If this should really be a factor which is simulated by LockOn, this could help a lot in combination with flares and proper avoidance manouvers to outsmart an IR tracking missile. Would be very interesting to know how much heat in °C those flares usually produce and if as mentioned above, LockOn simulates this at all... :book:
  14. Hi there! I know its not exactly relating to the original purpose of this thread though it kinda belongs here... Iґm wondering if an IR guided missile is more likely to be shaken off with the help of flares and simultanously lower my engine thrust to decrease the temperature of the exhausting air/engines? I have already used the search function and google but it is very hard to find this paticular question around the web :\
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