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  1. 2 switches on the left wall (Sirena system), at the height of the pilot's arm.
  2. Yes and no, but its for fun just. Relax!
  3. Btw. this is the picture from 2D screen:
  4. Hello, thx for improving Aiming Station for VR mode, now it looks ok, just THE ONE WISH - is it possible to move a little to left and down Petrovich menu in VR mode on Aiming Station? This unfortunately covers almost 1/5 of the screen as you can see below: Pretty please to move Petrovich menu outside from the sight's window or.... do more transparent ...... Just wishes.
  5. Its hard to show how we "fight" with axis on this station. Personally, my controls are attached to a joystick (the best option) with a very large and soft curve, even to make the movement as precise as possible for the best aiming. This is example, not the best but you can notice that I "fight" to have target always in the center in the sight (I fly VR). Finally, due of Petrovich's unstable flight, it causes me to miss the target as he is still correcting his radar alt (?) up / down during the flight which causes an earthquake in the sight. This is OFFline example with Petrovich, but if I fly with real person which holds the barometric altitude, the flight is smooth as butter and has almost no problems with hitting.
  6. Thx, just please give this idea with barometric pressure alt, not radar altitude. I think it will be a much better solution for a more stable flight, at least for the CBTM mode of Petrovich.
  7. but notice that few effects and lighting looks like in DCS too
  8. Few (very nice!) new pictures (Czech Hinds):
  9. Here is a track (player as pilot operator). You can notice many shaking during aiming plus at the end crash during Petrovich's combat turn :D. About 25 minutes, at beginning Im waiting for weapon ready. 6Mb file so on external source for 1 month from now: https://www.sendspace.com/file/tx5xym . Thank You.
  10. Hello, pls see my other post from this topic: Honestly, I know, its EA still but basically since June there is no change in Petrovich's behavior as a pilot (for offline, player as pilot operator). I think this is important: Explenation: We have still some of button free for Petrovich menu so maybe the best option is to add possibility to change for R and B (radar and barometric alt as default, or only barometric, not radar). It could solve a lot of things. After all, if I fly with a real person, mainly the barometric altitude is maintained, not the radar altitude (only in extreme and dangerous situations) durring attack.
  11. I think the biggest problem of "non stable flight" is that Petrovich as pilot uses radar alt (marked on this picture). So every small hole and hill makes the whole sight jump so much. This is bad idea. He should be using barometric altitude, not radar or possibly there may be an option for player to choose R or B. This would solve many problems with flight stability and aiming. Hence the big difference between real crew and offline AI.
  12. For German side its a mod. I use it and works very OK with 2.7: Link for this mod is in description.
  13. No, it isnt this, firing solutions are ok from the start, I always aim to have my target exactly 12, direct ahead, next Im going to pilot operator station. To target is more than 10 km mostly or more. The coding of Petrovich here is different from what should be. For example in multiplayer (with real pilot) using of Reduga station with the sight its easy like pice of cake (stable flight and almost 100% hit effectiveness). Offline, AI Petrovich flies like this buddy before the mission : of course it's still EA so hopefully something will happen for us with his codding and more stable and realistic flight (and it happens soon I hope ).
  14. Btw. I hope that the next patch will bring something better with Petrovich as PILOT. He flies terribly just: 1/ near each combat turn (CBTM mode, so long hold key down) = crash (mostly by vortex) 2/ does not hold height (barometric!) when attacking 3/ picks up speed too much instead of holding it up while attacking (when the player is in optical sight), and finally lifts its nose suddenly to brake these are the most serious issues for Petrovich as Pilot. + wishes = voices (confirmation of orders) figers crossed for this !
  15. Does it work with DCS 2.7? It could be nice to use it with incoming Mosquito module ....
  16. Great! Good spot! it exists finally !
  17. so it solved already for Mossie at current stage? We will recive chocks from the beginning or this bug (yes, its a bug) it will present again?
  18. its a bug for sure and a serious mistake to the real procedures for aircrafts from the IIWW, till now only jets has this (where we have parking brake mostly!) … LOL. I hope it will be solved for Mossie from beginning and looks like it will be here! However Mossie has working parking brake also.
  19. I think Mossie will be released not before 15th of September till the end of this Month. In one official news it was wrote - early Autumn, so 22/23 of September maybe when the Autumn 2021 will start. Open beta firstly like always.
  20. with silver paint its possible
  21. Yes, you can notice it even on Caucasus map with second level (zoom in).
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