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  1. YoYo

    Corsair Hype!

    Nice to see the new corner and now we need more screenies .
  2. For warm up engines! + for the rest WW2 planes.
  3. @lefuneste01 what about only sharpness option (external) to work with VR shaders mod? Is it possible?
  4. Spacebar in Anton is for front MG131 and MG151 on wing near fuselage but also it's used in this campaign for communication sometimes. Few times I noticed that I cant shot .... I was thinking I recived gun demage before but I discovered that if you use spacebar for communicationt (to confirm something) it blocks main fire (you have still use Ctrl+Spacebar for MG151 on wings). So the best way use not spacebar for fire here but button on joystick. I use TARGET for TH Warthog and always created virtual keyboard for this, so here is the reason why system sees spacebar when I hit fire. Just advice
  5. Thx. It colud be. I noticed too oil pressure over the high limit. In second mission was ok for me but I heated it to 30 degrees for quite a long time.
  6. And btw. I see that this mod doesnt work with "VR shaders mod" (which I personally do not use, maybe to check sometimes something ) but if Id like to use VR shader mod + this (but only option sharpness for cockpit and external view) is it possible (so like "lite version")? What would I have to change then in your mod?
  7. This: https://cosmosmagazine.com/technology/science-history-joan-eleanor-the-woman-who-never-was/ ? Nice idea !
  8. Some are good ideas for Mosquitos e.g.: Photographic Reconnaissance .
  9. YoYo


    Hmmm, the new info about final stage but no any word about different type of textures for Autumn and Winter. So any news about seasons?
  10. For sure we have (and I use it sometimes) but .... you have right and havent. Many of those free campaignes arent updated from long time and now they are useless. However, usually when you pay, you have a guarantee that the author will do patches ect. This is the fundamental difference. No problem, it was an idea only ;). Btw. see this - new kind of missions incoming
  11. Thank You! What I noticed sametimes is ok...but sametimes not . I havent idea why. So cant wait for the fix ! Thx.
  12. It looks like this: How can I revert back defualt version (whole blue and green for wheel mouse). This version is poor visible .
  13. I never tried it yet. Installed and checked Today - what a great mod ! In IL-2 BoX we have SHARPEN option (great tool for VR), this mod gives it also in DCS! Wow. I needed it . btw. are other options like default if I didnt touch it (I need only sharpness)? btw2. How can I back the look of cursor in cockpit? I dont like this (black with lines), prefer default one (whole with the same colour). Thx.
  14. So how is possible than in other situation it works different? For Anton you can use only radiator cooling flaps betwen 105-130C according manual. Till 25 do worm up only with 1200 RPM, after this increase RPM to 1400 and wait to 30 of C and you can move (what I did). Temp on take off 45-50. A8 didnt have a problem with overheating like early version (A1 to A3). Very strange that in mission created now it works different. Btw. I will check something tomorrow. Maybe temp indicator shows something different than is on engine and its a bug in model?
  15. Hard to tell me what it was but after restart of DCS now was ok and mission was finished. Nice job and great vibe. FPS on the ground could be better (I dont know what is it, I fly VR only but my RTX 3090 choked a little) but in the air was ok for me. Be careful here with the addition of Spifire against Germany (player). These AIs fly like crazy without any limits (P-47 has the same issue) but luckily I survived with some kills .
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