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  1. Oh.... fresh factory ! What we have below on tummy Today?
  2. Thx for V10 !!! Today I did this picture ... ups (but the smoke was nice)
  3. It isnt true. If you have Red Dead Redemption 2 - check it how it works on DX and Vulcan. With Vulcan I have 10-20+ FPS more in the same place with NVidia 2080.
  4. Interesting, I'll try it.
  5. Small package is waiting for the new model for DCS .
  6. Do you use SSAO in VR mode? Before (in 2.6) I dont use it also. For me it was FPS killer.
  7. SSAO in VR? No I have turn it off. No FPS issue also with this new presets, just this jittery looks really poor :(.
  8. Nice work with this mod of Reshade. Is it any way to contact with this Holger Frydrych? No any info in his readme with email ect. I checked in P3Dv5 also and it works, just noticed big FPS drop.
  9. In 2.7 I have this ERROR with v9 Smoke mod
  10. Id like to test your mod JSGME 2.7 ready, but I have this error: Sorry it was this (Smoke mod) Btw. is it any key for this, to see Reshade menu (settings)? Edit. Ok I have it - HOME/POS1 key .
  11. The point is that the clouds move regardless of the horizon, this effect doesn't look quite good, just like clouds "placeholder".
  12. Ok, thx, now its clear. Hope they fix it soon.
  13. Installed .... and clouds started to jump, up and down a little, every time. Did You notice this effect in VR? looks pretty awkward....
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